May 14, 2015

32 Years

Taco dinner at the Brigantine last night.

Amazing stuff marriage.  We adapt or it fails.  It’s worse when you both are drunks.  Everything is compounded. 

We went from lovers, to anger, to friendship in our thirty two years together.  He was a very angry person when I met him.  I’m a lot like my mother and not always a nice person…especially before my morning coffee.  What a pair we were.  We both went five years sober with untreated alcoholism.  I don’t recommend that at all.

We putter along now like a pair of old lovers.  Often we hold hands.  We both like a lot of the same stuff.  Perhaps that’s what keeps the friendship going.  We both like NCIS, old trucks, trains, foods of all kinds, and travel for a start.  Comic Con is always a good glue.  Volunteering is good for both of us.  We love having functional lives.  He likes his job, and I like mine.  What more could one want after 32 years.

Shopping.  LOL  We love to shop.  My youngest daughter gave us both sweatshirts that say Mrs. (or Mr.) Shoptilyoudrop.  We are not quite that bad any more.  You should have seen us shop when we had 3 antique store spaces.  Now days we spend more on travel or crowns than at estate sale.  But we still love to shop.

Amazing stuff marriage.  We adapted and are still together.

  • Himself:  Gained half a pound.
  • Herself:  Temp crowns ok, back ok unless I wear that belt the aerobic instructor wants us to wear.  No need to nap for two days.  Maybe I’m getting well at last.
  • Reading:  Finished “Walk Me Home.”  Well written but too many flashbacks.  Moving on to last year’s Hugo Winner.
  • Balance:  Simple dinner for me tonight: Baked Potatoe, green beans….


    1. Blessings on AA. The 5 year dry drunk was tough.

      Yer G

    2. I made vegetable soup today. Yes marriage is interesting. We'll have 33 July 28 or thereabouts.

      We don't have much in common anymore, but he's taken a shine to my pets and outside birds and helps with watering the plants. That's a plus.

      Otherwise, David is sans interests or hobbies. other than sleeping inside, outside or wherever. He's no reader, never has been and every day is more dependent on me, which is tiresome.

      We used to talk and talk about this and that, but his memory is going. You are fortunate in your situation, enjoy it.

    3. #46 coming up for us this weekend. I don't like shopping, perhaps because I have never had all that much disposable income: enough to get by on nicely but not enough to throw it around.

    4. Yes, marriage, when it works, is indeed amazing, but frankly, so are the two of you. I think it's a matter of deciding to be committed to couple. Again, I'm not sure. We are married 43 1/2 years and I have no freakin clue why! :)
      But we enjoy each other's company, respect each other's opinion, and the same things bring us joy.

      Blessings to you both!

    5. Great stuff marriage. Glad yours has lasted through high and low periods in your life.
      Blessings to both of you.
      Aloha from Hawaii.

    6. So glad to see the photo of you two! Congrats on the 32 years. Hope you both continue to enjoy your mutual hobbies and interests..

    7. Best wishes on your anniversary. May you continue to have lots of fun. Terry and I both hate to shop so that helps (or doesn't when we need something).

      Terry has always said that differences makes for a better relationship. "If you're both alike, one of you isn't needed," so keep your separate interests to keep the marriage interesting! Definitely gives you something to talk about at the end of the day.

    8. You look like loads of fun! My husband and I have complementary interests. He's a scientist and I'm a retired teacher mostly interested in art and literature. We both like to eat!

    9. You've been through the fire and come through healed, happy and content. That's beautiful, Mage!

      Oh yes, marriage is all about adapting and accepting.


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