May 11, 2015


This WWII rocket launcher is on a Dodge, model WC55, owned by the USMC Camp Pendleton Museum.

Our big central park, Balboa Park, is celebrating its centennial this year.  The Park website tells us that, “A group of politically well-connected individuals were given three years and a healthy city budget to plan a party. That resulted in, well, nothing.  Nothing, that is, except a stack of bills from consultants.  Now the museums are filling the void.”

Most of the  museums are hosting shows that illustrate Balboa park during a particular era.  The Natural History Museum has “Coast to Cactus.”  The San Diego Model Railroad Museum recreated the trolley station at the park, and has introduced an interactive display. 
The Automotive Museum is giving four separate shows.  The current show Covers the War years in San Diego.  It’s heavy on WWII, but posters, uniforms, and ephemera illustrate the Park’s part in the Great War.  Here’s a few shots taken at the show opening. 

1942 Studebaker M29 Weasel.

Ford Hoist truck from the Marine Museum.

1941 Dodge WC – 6 Command Car.

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    1. I hate consultants...and yet my sweet daughter is one.

    2. Consultants can really take the icing off the cake and leave businesses with no money to spend to complete projects. It's kind of like auditors. Interesting displays of war equipment.

    3. David would have loved this show. He almost flipped out when he saw the air show here for VE Day. Connie was out of town, but she drove by the airport yesterday where several of the old planes were parked.

    4. Hugs back at you, Mage. Thanks. Drop me an email? I don't know your address.

    5. Happy Anniversary!

      WOW 32 years!

      Yer G

    6. This looks like an interesting show. I do believe Art would have enjoyed it too.


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