June 8, 2015

2: There's Magic in the Land

G and I were charmed by the diversity in the fair this year.  There’s always everything from soup to nuts, but this year there was magic sprinkled among us mortals.  The Steampunk Mime Troup was the best of all.

We tried everything we saw.  A new bed here and a gadget there.  I stared longingly at all the kitchen gadgets when we needed nothing.  We ate then overate.  And it was all fun.  Next week we go back to volunteer, and we won’t be eating the giant Onion Rings, ice cream cones dipped in Chocolate, or the extra cream in the cream puffs.  That’s a once a year treat.

Maybe next week, I will get up the nerve to ride the giant Ferris Wheel.

  • Himself:  A lazy Sunday morning, hair cut, clean clothes, simple eating, and a meeting.
  • Herself:  Ditto.
  • Reading:  A too light mystery/romance about a library.
  • Balance:  Getting all my errands done and just sitting most of the afternoon.


    1. Looks like a great festival. I don't think I would do the ferris wheel anymore. :)

    2. everyone needs a day of fun and food and no restrictions. How would we know we are still alive?

    3. I'd skip the ferris wheel and go for another serving of ice cream dipped in chocolate! This looks like so much fun!!!
      And giant onion rings, you say?

    4. Not into ferris wheels either, Mage, but it sounds like you had a really fun time at the fair. We have county fairs coming up here as well, so look forward to it.

    5. I wish I could eat onion rings. They're a treat!

    6. Mmmmmmmh I like the sound of that - just once in a while of course.
      My advice -forget abut the Ferris wheel. We have just had a bad accident over here - not a Ferris wheel but the same sort of risk.


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