June 22, 2015

Sleep, Beuteeful Sleep

A Father’s Day visit.

They were laughing so hard everything was a blur.  “I always wanted to buy someone a tie,” said Margot.  We took them both out to lunch and laughed some more.

Today George and Zoe went fishing.  Oh, the excitement of it all.  George has been asking all his fishermen friends about the fish.  Who is pulling in the most.  Where should he go.  Following the fish count on the web.  Both of them ten years old with their excitement.

They woke me at an appallingly early hour, and I listened to the fun from the kitchen with a smile on my face.  Only when I got to the pool a little early did I become aware of how tired I was.  I’ll do a few small things then head to the bed with a good book.  Perhaps I’ll nap.

  • Himself:  Wore a new suit with his new, Presidential style tie last night and looked great.  Gone fishing today.
  • Herself:  Wore a new shirt with some vastly older pants and felt modern and stylish last night.  Don’t do well on six hours sleep any more.
  • Reading:  A new book from Margot.  Am too lazy to go get it.
  • Gratitudes:  Simple dinner, ditto breakfast today.  The sun will come out, and I am alive.


    1. Wonderful photo capturing the moment. The composition is perfect. Yes, we need more sleep at night.

    2. Awwww gee... This is so sweet! Perfectly, happily, beautifully wonderful photo.

    3. Great story-tellling photo. I will be exhausted all week with the 4-year-old. Except this PM hubby is taking him swimming while I clean house.

    4. Hope the fishing was good because the company had to be great!

    5. Love those two faces! Happy day!

    6. A nap! What a great idea! I think I'll go have one right now.


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