July 14, 2015

Comic Con Photos: 1

Everyone wants to know how it was at Comic Con this year? 

I can honestly say that it was colorful, entertaining, theatrical, moving, as well as a learning experience.  It was a crushing experience too.  You can learn or shop.  You can make it what you want it to be with only a little time to scan the guide book. 

George and I alternated attendance at panels with time down on the floor.  Since I was so blah about my own costume this year, I was interested in attending costume/Cosplay panels in hopes of learning ways of upgrading my boring look.  G and I attended several NASA panels…and he made it to the “Firefly” game panel when I was at both the Prismacolor and Photoshop panels. 

I aimed my camera at every costume I saw, but George went me about a thousand pictures better.  We began fading away Sunday noon just as Granddaughter and Daughter went into the Children’s Movies.  By Mid afternoon Sunday we were veggies but still had to take the banking on to a meeting.  Yesterday I nodded off often.  So far this morning, I have only fallen asleep over my keyboard once.

In the next few days, I will be rotating pictures, deleting out of focus images, and playing in Photoshop.  I’ll put the most amusing or interesting images here, but there will be a Facebook album as well as one in Snapfish that will be far more complete when I am done. 

  • Himself:  Work, bread making, nap, work, Costco.
  • Herself:  Back to the pool, photos, talk with Bobbie, photos, blog, nap, photos, Costco.
  • Reading:  The last of the Jance Brady series.

  • Gratitudes:  That I was able to go to the Convention, that I called the doc about my other hip, and that I got railroaded on to a committee for the 2016 Spring Round up Con.

    1. Busy you...David is going for a new knee in a few months. In the process of scheduling stuff. Good thing I can check you out on FB. The "Lollipop" man looks scary!

    2. Looks like a fun event to attend and dress up for. Love the rabbit ears guy with the stuff in his coat.

    3. Love the candyman.

    4. I know that some of these characters are based on actual fiction...but are some just made up? Such creativity. Such escapism. Everyone wants to get away from the unending fear filled news, so why not fantasy?


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