July 6, 2015

In a Few Pictures

The top of the BERKELEY.

A story in pictures:
We rode the trolley downtown, crossed the new park slowly because of my other hip, and got our wristbands.  We were just too late for a harbor ride by fifteen minutes.  Darn. 

The ships were fun as always.  Not all the ships were there.  The SURPRISE/ROSE was in Drydock…which gave us a few extra dory’s to shoot.  The SAN SALVADOR was still over by our house for though they have raised the money to put her in the water, she was too heavy for the cranes available.  We toured the American Sub and thought fondly of Cousin Tom.  No on the Russian sub.  I’m not going on her again.  One of the docents told us that the Russian sub was based on the WWII German U Boat. 

The food was good, the long wait until fireworks bearable, and the fireworks were a delight though distant.  We boarded the STAR OF INDIA and found seats on the stern.  Cool winds picked up.  Yes we wore multiple shirts and jackets, but we were surrounded by young folks in shorts and short sleeves.  Only one baby cried.  I ignored it while making a note to bring gloves and a knit hat next time.  The ride home on the trolley was sardine like, but I only heard one complaint.  We all were smiling and laughing about the crush.

The flag on the stern of the STAR OF INDIA.

George at the Dolphin’s periscope.


Heading the Trolley, we found the park still full and kids everywhere

We went back to the museum on Sunday afternoon.  We did a harbor cruise on the PILOT, a hundred year old Pilot boat for the city of San Diego’s port.

  • Himself:  Gym and work till later.  Pray for sunshine.  Cold and misty today.
  • Herself:  Broke a little toe last night.  I feel such a klgtz
  • Reading:  Jance # 4
  • Gratitudes:  Sunshine and a new friend.


    1. Seems like a good day even if you got a little chilly for awhile.

    2. Oh, my gosh, such beautiful pictures! Sorry about that broken toe. I just got home from my volunteer job at the horse ranch. Today I made peach jam! The ranch was given buckets of peaches and something had to be done with them. We made a batch of plain, a batch with a bit of chili and a third batch with a lot of chili. All delicious. But I'm tired. Six hours of slaving over a hot stove! I'm also sorry I'm only touching base through facebook. I swear, I'll come here more often. Bonnie

    3. Such wonderful photos. I am especially impressed by the fireworks pic,because it's so hard to get good photos of them.

    4. What a great 4th you had! We did too, no one was cold here though very hot but it made for a lovely evening. Sorry about your toe.

    5. Maybe the deck of the Midway next year.

    6. Oh, I am so envious of the trolley to get around down there. We have taken the trolley all the way to the border and crossed into Tijuana. Fun times.

    7. Ouch! You broke your toe? I hope it heals very quickly.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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