July 25, 2015


Salvaged by Peter Knego, a bronze wall mural by the late Norwegian sculptor Arne Vinje Gunnerud of a viking ship. Arriving this week after rescue from the former Love Boat ISLAND PRINCESS' aft-situated Caribe Lounge. Photo Copyright: Peter Knego.

  • I felt really well yesterday.  Hardly an ache or pain anywhere.  Was it half a Gi Gong class?  Sometimes life surprises you.  Donations surprise me too.  Yesterday an artist was downsizing, and he kindly donated art books to the store.  Of course I bought two on the California Impressionist’s.   Of course I should have bought the two on the California Plein Air artists too.  Truck waxed when I got home, and we ate take-out fish tacos.

  • He got his yearly review yesterday.  Depression and thinking got the best of him for a while.  Best is 5’s…he got 4’s.  He didn’t get a raise the third year in a row either.  He did get a nice little bonus….plus the Padre’s seats he’s given are good too.  But he got to worrying that he’d be laid off, that as his department shrinks, he won’t be needed….etc, etc.  Thinking is an awful thing to happen to a good man.  By evening, he was much improved.

  • The great triumphant moment for the whole week, I think I already mentioned this, was that Grumpy passed his smog test…with flying colors.  I think there were two years he didn’t, and there were other years he was marginal.  After his injectors were recalled, I didn’t like the vastly lower mileage at all.  Then again, I do like his passing his smog.  Myrtle did too.  Mechanical progress on all fronts here.

  • Our friend, Peter Knego, often flies to Alang to salvage wonderful art from old liners and cruise ships.  This week he is expecting some stunning things from the “Love Boat”, the Island Princess, this Wednesday.  I’ve been suggesting G take the day off to help unload the container.  I just hope Peter’s new neighborhood is ready for this.

  • We are off now to the Automotive Museum Picnic In the Park.  Captain Poolie did an all-nighter in the museum with a gaggle of teens last night.  She looked appalling this morning on Facebook.  Now she has to preside over a Murder of Docents.  I’m grateful all I had to do was make potatoe salad for 20 +.


    1. Amazing work of art. Sorry for Gs mood. There is no rest, is there?

    2. A succinct series of vignettes.

    3. Another great post. Like G I am a thinker. Some days I sits and thinks too much. Hope you have fun at your picnic. Love the murder of docents!

    4. Gee I feel sorry for good workers who are being constantly evaluated and kept off balance. My husband left that all when he started working on an hourly basis on contract. He is 73 and enjoys his work so much that he will never quit, although I wish he would!


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