August 18, 2015

Coffee First

There’s usually time for a little coffee and a chapter in my latest book before I head to the computer.  I post on Facebook for both the Discovery Shop and Great curves next.  Lately, when I head out for the pool, the sun has been blazing and the humidity up there.  This morning, there was a low, cool fog to go along with the ugly humidity.  It’s just as if we were living in Florida.

You should have heard all the “little old ladies” clucking about it this morning.  They do sound like a gaggle of birds.  I slide in past the energetic walkers in the shallow end to begin my leg lifts and join in the gaggle.  Chirping is good for us as is masks the fact that we would all rather be in bed with a book…or something stronger.

I still was not feeling really well yesterday.  A little nausea isn’t good for me.  So today I made a few changes.  Rice milk on rice cereal…sugar instead of honey.  Less coffee….mostly decaffe with a little Kona. 

All our lives are made of these constant little changes.  Even if we don’t consciously make adaptations, most of us work at keeping a balance.  I’d like to know what little things do you do to make your life work well on a day to day basis?

  • Himself:  Now an Auditor, he’s still doing all the same old stuff.
  • Herself:  Actually got the mending done, got groceries shopped for and errands run.  Nap at noon.  Truck door handles won’t open doors.  Finally dear G got stuck inside.
  • Reading:  Jance…and I find I am missing a few.

  • Gratitudes:  Simple foods.

    1. Lots of supplements, especially probiotics. Keeps my immune system healthy and able to fight off all the germs that come my way.

    2. Keep a food diary and it will tell you what to cut back on for indigestion. My dear guest, in her 80's, went out with us for lunch and the fried soft crab and the fried onion rings were what did her in. On selzer during the evening.

    3. I've switched back to tea and have the odd cup of coffee when I'm out. Tea helps, but I drink a lot of it and add glasses of water for dilution. Garden is my exercise, before the sun comes up and after it begins to set. Its not too hot here, in the high 80s, but no rain. It must be August!

    4. Gotta love the perspective that makes your morning cup look so huge. I need something like that on some mornings.

    5. Chirping is always good. I am a huge fan of chirping.

    6. I'm a tea girl and only drink decaff coffee. I'm a creature of routine and that way keep a handle on my health. However a couple of days ago I developed a completely scarlet sclerotic in my right eye. Slowly fading.


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