August 23, 2015

Sunday Snippits, Orts, and Tidbits


  • What makes a computer freeze?  I’m going to attempt to write an entry this morning despite my computer.
  • We took grumpy in to a dealership yesterday.  Parts will have to be ordered.  The cost of the parts have left George almost speechless.  He should have known though as he spends his days with parts and more parts.  He was left muttering that these were parts that were expected to last the life of the vee-hickle.  I think Grumpy is well past his life expectancy.  I muttered that back at him while reminding him that he liked being able to get out of his cars and trucks.
  • We have been to several chase movies lately.  I hate to say it but the new “Mission Impossible” was fractionally better than “Man from Uncle.”  What a shame, but it was slow mo much of the time.
  • I confess that I ate M&M’s at both films and had ice cream this week too.  They don’t make folks too much rounder than me these days, but I am living with the guilt.
  • Cousins:  My generation consists of three of us….the pseudonymous Tim, John and I.  I’m worried about Tim who has congestive heart failure.  He worries about his wife who has dementia.  One daughter and son live at home….the daughter is a nurse and the son a head injury.
  • We are off to the ballpark.  We will have a Hodad’s Hamburger for lunch…which will raise the guilt factor, and we will have a hopeful game.  Last season, we were next to last, and, despite winning five games in a row last week, they are next to last this year too.  That’s where the hope comes in.  Perhaps they will win one more on this Military Salute Day.
  • The Padre’s tickets were a gift from G’s boss.  We consider them his bonus.  He didn’t get a raise, but then again he still has a job as they restructure.  He did get a small bonus this year plus the tickets.  They are really good tickets and G loves baseball.  I’ll bring a book.  Did I say that?

  • Himself:  Playing his solitaire.  He’s happy.  He says we have paid off the Canal trip but we keep on adding more to the card.  I remind him again that he likes getting out of his truck.
  • Herself:  The day is cooler right now, but I have the sunscreen ready.  Meeting after game where my only job is to put out baskets.
  • Reading:  The four Jance I ordered aren’t here so I will change authors for the day.
  • Gratitudes:  Life. 
  • That we chose well buying a school outfit.  That I have denims that fit and that I found a denim jacket at a good cost.


    1. Pea-Corn

    2. Oh, I remember when we had a high car bill and it always happened after we had decided to spend a little money for something fun! It just looks so defeating, but you will find that you will get on the other side again. The game is a nice balance and like you I would be bringing a a camera.

    3. I need to cut back calories too, but autumn and winter are coming.

    4. I do think baseball is incredibly boring. I'd take a book along as well, and would definitely not be buying a ticket.

    5. Might want to look at typo in the last paragraph (;

    6. I confess that I would likely bring a book, too. Grumpy is getting more and more grumpy, isn't he? Poor old guy. Thanks for visiting my diary. I am having a stare-off with the garmin right now. Just not that good at learning new technology. But, I will do it. Good to hear that you like yours. Bonnie

    7. I fear baseball is a snoozer for me too but I did take my boys to see Mariner's games when they were youngun's. Season tickets were cheap then and traffic was decent. Came home once thinking I was insane to take two boys to Mariner's Bat Night, hundreds of small children with baseball bats. We had fun though.

      I've put on 15 pounds since May!? If I was a bear I'd be set for winter. Can't walk outside because of the smoke, we're in the orange/red zone all the time these days.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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