September 15, 2015

A Litany of Days

First place traditional pieced quilt

A charming small quilt with applique, embroidery, and trapunto.               

Saturday morning we struggled with Facebook which means we did nothing at all.  After lunch, he drove me and my red walker down to the Convention Center, which needs to be vastly bigger for Comic Con, and he went off to work at his museum.  I rolled in, bought a ticket doubting that this would work, and found myself cruising down the isles with a smile on my face.  Four hours of cruising pain free.

It wasn’t a jurried show so there were all levels of proficiency on the walls.  Taking that walker also gave me a chance to bring my own chair to sit and talk with vendors and quilters.  I had a lot of fun and learned about a new to me brand of fabrics, talked with one of the designers, and found out why the quilting was so very perfect on every quilt.  Discovered a local company that will quilt Bobbies quilt for a fee.

Moda Fabrics has a wide range of colors which are what I need for Bobbies quilt.  I also got to watch a long arm, computerized, quilting machine do its thing.  And that’s the trick to modern quilting…the quilting itself is mostly all computerized.  Everything I used to do freehand now flows easily from the heart of a computer.

Sunday we were so wiped out by the heat we decided not to go to Patrick’s Memorial struggling instead with Facebook.  We did make the evening meeting. 

Mind you, we are still trying to straighten out the Facebook mess throughout our days.  Two computer nerds said they would help but didn’t.  Both say it is Facebook.  I have continued to send Help messages off to the Facebook staff every day.  Lots of other non-profits are struggling with this too.  Did I say, “Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.”

Monday I was off to the doc’s after swimming.  My BP, which was awful last visit, was just perfection yesterday.  Lecture on weight….eat less exercise more. Oh, I know this.  as Monday was fractionally cooler we attended the committee meeting for the convention next year. 

It’s a litany of days.  It’s humid again this Tuesday.  Southern California wasn’t like this at all.  Everyone is miserable.  I read Kays’ blog written from the humidity in HI, and I sympathize.  Today we have 100% humidity. 

Every day I will share a little bit of quilt or two.  I so hope you enjoy them.

Hand cranked sewing machine display.

A Sales booth with darker fabrics.

  • Himself:  Downloaded Windows 10 on the old laptop to see if another program would work better with Facebook.  Win 10 does work well.
  • Herself:  Still with an upset stomach.  Bah humbug to Facebook.
  • Reading:  Just finished, “If you lived here, I would know your name,” Heather Lynde.  Delightful.
  • Gratitudes:  The color of the sky at dawn.  The book I just finished.  The smile on G’s face.


    1. My Facebook is glitchsy too. I just wait for it to heal itself,as it usually does. I wonder if your drought will end with massive downpours. It's comfortable now here in Hawaii after weeks of heat and humidity.

    2. I have some trapunto from Central America did I lose that? Two interesting quilts are fokded in closets that I may post about in a future blog post. Yes, it is all about greatly reducing calories and greatly upping exercise, but in humidity the spirit is weak

    3. I like the first place one. I am proud of you for taking the walker and just doing it!

    4. I'm sad to hear your humidity is bad (she said as she basked in perfect fall weather). We have drought and have lost a couple of trees. I told my son the East Coast was inheriting the lovely West Coast weather and he should move home. Fortunately they have AC because its hotter than Hades in Penasquitos.

      My friend Debbi who had a home up in the high Sierra next to Yosemite where the fires are raging was forced to evacuate. They took their dogs, wolves, parrots and cat but had to turn the horses out because they could not evacuate them. I doubt the horses survived. Now we are waiting to hear all is OK for her and her family. So sad for them.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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