September 8, 2015

A Perfect Moment.

Just for a moment yesterday, I turned to George and said, “There could be no finer moment.”

There was a cool breeze off the bay, we were sitting side by side in the ballpark munching on Cracker jack, and we both were amazingly happy.  The sun hadn’t reached our seats yet.  And, being bigger people in smaller seats, we were intertwined arm over arm.

We lost, but nothing much could take away the comfort of the day even the three drunk ladies in front of us.  Best of all for me, using my walker, I could zip right along without a pain anywhere.  To finalize the day, we stopped at the store to photograph the pumpkin teapots.  G sent pictures off to the Captain, and she bought one right off his camera.

We blew dinner off and had a Sunday each.  Imagine, heaven indeed.

  • Himself:  Feeling better all around.  At work doing a little of everything.

  • Herself:  Was to have coffee with a friend, but she is ill.  Forgot to fix food for a potluch, but can take olives.  No water, but the gym had water.  It’s a day of finding alternitives.

  • Reading:  A witches mystery.

  • Gratitudes:  The sky was powerful this morning in its contrasts.  Peter’s house was stunning, (photos later), and I got to meet Photographer Martin Cox of Maritime Matters.

    1. So how did you get the house tour? Is he a friend or part of an organization? And, yes, why have you lost water?

    2. I used to collect teapots, but never had a pumpkin one!

    3. Funny how those golden moments just happen on us sometimes.

    4. Ahhhhhhhh...... I LOVE it! These are the days to treasure, indeed! You both deserved it. I'm wishing you another one of these golden days today. It's nice to be back, but we're now normal yet. So tired and so much to do. Too much!

    5. So glad you are having wonderful days. They are indeed ones to cherish. And, isn't it amazing how it's the little things in life that make it so wonderful.

    6. We learn to value to little things.

    7. Sounds like a great day.
      I don't know what to say about the tea pots:)

    8. Now that I see your photos on FB, I get confused about where I have been. Saw these pumpkin pots a day or so ago, and thought I had commented here. I use a cane these days, because my back is in terrible shape. Rented a roller-Walker in SD. Might bring it along next time I'm out your way.

      David passed all his physical stuff for the surgery 9/21 so it's systems go after a few more visits to the bone doctor and prop desk. They are crossing all the I's and dotting all the T's. Don't blame them. We are surprised he can have the surgery. He's 86 today! He picked up Chip 35 on Sunday and is showing it around. He doesn't care who knows he's sober!!!


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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