September 29, 2015

A Truism

Busy days.  Good days.  I love days when I actually get something done.  When writing is included, the day really feels pretty good.  Pictures taken too.  I even managed to get meals planned and groceries shopped for..

Today I get to start my day with a visit from Bobbie and Geoff…they will have a few moments to load and unload things before heading to their Mexican dentist.  Friends are to be cherished even if they sound grumpy in the mornings.

“They are night people,” said George.  “We are morning people.”

  • Himself:  Doing the Audit Queue.  I’m still employed, he tells me.
  • Herself:  Still so very pleased that Facebook is up again.
  • Reading:  Dick Francis: Number Six.
  • Gratitudes:  Everything this morning.


    1. I'm a morning person so I know of what you speak.

    2. I have a sister who when she stays with me always asks if I can refrain from smiling and talking when she first gets up. Sort of, every time she says that, and she says it every time, it makes me laugh. I just make her coffee and read for awhile after all we want them in our lives.

    3. My sister and her husband are not breakfast people. They like coffee and the news on TV and the newspaper before they can face the world. I guess I am a little that way, except it is not the news for me.

    4. I was an owl and am now a lark - but grumpy with it.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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