September 19, 2015


I arrived at the convention center determined to not spend a thing.  Not one dime.  Folks in those sales booths all tried to sell me their products.  “It had been a slow show,” one saleswoman told me.  Everything was on sale.

I resisted the three thousand dollar sewing table that rose and fell and tilted and had built in everything.  Many bought the new cutting boards that last forever.  I didn’t.  Tho I was fascinated by the lights that showed various kinds of lighting, I didn’t buy one.  Aisle after aisle of new products and new things that I couldn’t live without were now left behind.  I was very proud of me.

The last booth on the last aisle was called “Second Chance Fabrics.”  That’s exactly what they were too.  A yard or less of a fabric that hadn’t been used by their first owners.  I stood for the longest time just looking at the fabric rows before I walked away.  But I went back.  These fabrics, at some very low prices, were calling to me.  I ended up buying a handful that I can use in the new quilt with only a little guilt.

  • Himself:  Feeling himself again.
  • Herself:  Hives fading.  Stomach good.  Tired.
  • Reading:  Skimming the new Jance.
  • Gratitudes:  That I’m going to be ok so easily.


    1. Such determination. At least you were able to bring something home!

    2. Good for you for resisting. Those sales pitches are great about solving our life's problems. Of course, once we have had them for two weeks, we no longer find them essential. But can make lovely napkins, bun warmers, place mats or a baby quilt!!

    3. I'm not into fabrics but enjoy looking at them and admire the craft of quilting. I'm thinking of buying a Hawaiian quilt.

    4. You were strong, but also prudent.

    5. Fabrics are just too hard to resist!
      Cop Car

    6. No need to feel guilty for scoring a true bargain. Plus what would happen to those poor orphan fabric pieces had you not helped them find their way to a lovely quilt? You should not have Quilt Guilt!

      Mage, thank you so much for staying in touch through my blogging absence. Your kindness and warmth touches me deeply. Big hugs to you, sweet lady.


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