September 30, 2015

Filling Up

Look at that applique work.  Lovely stuff.  It looks twin sized, but I admit I didn’t photograph the label. 

Lovely visit with Bobbie yesterday.  As they headed down to Mexico to their dentist, I switched vee-hickles then loaded up the truck.  I couldn’t ask G to help.  So I became very sticky and sweaty.  I filled the truck up to the lid then filled the cab.  Thank heavens there were lots of willing folks teasing me about bringing all that “stuff” in.  If this crowd teases you, you know you are liked.

I confess that I came home and went to sleep at my computer.  These unplanned naps are taking my days away from me….she says smiling.

  • Himself:  Since one person quit, G’s doing his queue.  Another got fired.  He get’s to do his own Subrogations today.  He likes that.  He’s baking bread too.
  • Herself:  Books today.  There is nothing I like more than books.
  • Reading:  Dick Francis.  What an imagination that man and his wife had.
  • Gratitudes:  For an outrageous Hilo Hattie mu-mu I found at an estate sale.  No, I haven’t photographed my goat or bunny yet.


    1. Love the quilt. We have to be careful not to bang heads and faces when we fall asleep at the computer. Zzzzzzzz.

    2. I am smart enough to go to bed when I need a nap in the afternoon. This happens when I get up at 4:00 AM and cannot go back tosleep.

    3. Indeed, this is a beautiful quilt. I so admire those who do needlework.

    4. Oh, now that is a lovely quilt.


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