September 3, 2015

Shop Till I Drop


Oh, I have such a problem.  Every time I go into work, I buy something to bring home.  Not quilts...oh no.  My tiny condo would be soon taken over by quilts if I did that, but I buy books.  I buy small fabrics like placemats.  And I’ve been known to bring home a good piece of pottery.

This small, wall hanging quilt caught my eye with its superior quilting.  The front is dark.  Well sewn but dark.  The back shows off the handiwork of its maker in the best of fashions.  I thought I would share this piece with you.

  • Himself:  Worked hard all day.  Arranged to get off early tomorrow so we can find parking on the Embarcadero for the Christening of the San Salvador.
  • Herself:  Had fun  in the pool this morning, then after lunch too four of my dead watches to the jewlers.  They all work now.  Labored on my pile of too many books, sorting, discarding, and finishing the new Sue Grafton “X.”
  • Reading:  Marked recipes I wanted to scan and Began a David Baldacci.
  • Gratitudes: For being able to read.


    1. Evolution has programmed [most] women to be gatherers. They are always on the lookout for something useable.

    2. I am so glad I do not volunteer where you do. I would be a basket/quilt/pottery/book case.

    3. I thought you were going to say you brought home the doll, chair, and rabbit and displayed them with one of YOUR quilts.

    4. I like the doll. I'm not much of a quilt person, which may seem strange, since I live in Hawaii, home of the Hawaiian quilt, but I've never enjoyed working with fabric. But I love to read!

    5. What a great thing to be grateful for. The little things like sight matter so much, don't they. And after all, they are huge things!

    6. Lovely quilt, a delight to see something so finely made. If your shop were near me I'd be hauling stuff home all the time.

    7. It's OK to bring books home. As long as you return them after reading.
      We have just been clearing out the boiler room and the shelves are still lined with books.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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