September 26, 2015

Weekend Tid-Bits

  • The ACS Discovery Shop/Point Loma Facebook page is up again at last. Boy am I grateful.  Maybe Facebook noticed all the fuss, hundreds of help email/tags from their users.  Something finally happened, and we are up and running again.  I am so flat out jazzed, I can barely hold still.  If you can’t do your volunteer job because your tools are broken, it’s a frustrating thing to live with.
  • When we lived a life of displacement while the Airport Folks were installing our Heating and AC, I grew depressed.  Frankly, now I feel a bit guilty.  It’s a 100F out there, and I feel guilty about my physical comfort inside in the 70’s something coolness.  We are looking every day for a portable AC unit for daughter Margot.  It’s very, very hot where she lives, but we are looking for a used one.

  • We bought a used TV yesterday at the store.  It’s a huge flat screen Sony.  We had both been wanting something bigger.  Margot will be getting our old Sony which will massively take over her living room with it’s tube….when she really needs a AC.  I should be able to see our TV better.
  • Speaking of bad eyes, other daughter finally has medical insurance and will be taking her acid bathed eye to an ophthalmologist at last.  Her mother says, jumping up and down with joy.

  • Today will be a balancing act.  I brought home a whole collection of Dick Francis books thinking to replace some of the moldy ones from the big house.  I ended up with a whole new collection.  And discovered much dust on the old books.  So I am dusting books.  I’m also starting actual work, vs research, on the Autobahn piece.  My goal is to use it to tie all those other tid-bits of entries together with this one.  We will see what happens.


    1. Children....I've just discovered I am to become a great-grandma. It's a secret tho, so don't mention it on FB or my blog...please.

      Shopping....I made first trip post-op (David) to grocery store yesterday. Everyone knows him and I am "Mr Foster's wife"

      Medical...good news about Margot. Hannah changed jobs and thanks to the ACA her medical status is up in the air, as she's making more money. Not good when you are atheistic.

      Neighbors helping out with food and dogs. It pays to live surrounded by old widows.

      The an AP for my iPad so I can follow him! 🎈.


    2. hannah has Asthema......don't think she's atheistic. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!

    3. So you are adding a heat producing TV to the home without AC?? Sorry for that. It seems soo odd for you to have such hot weather. This is indeed climate change. My next post will b about a used book store.

    4. The hot weather has been....amazing. But remember two years ago when it hit 109 degrees here?


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