October 23, 2015

Catalina 1


Delightfully home again.  On Catalina we did one main thing a day, ate simply…which is good given our figures, and slept well in a delightful, old, hotel.  Often we just sat watching the cruise ship crowds walk by Monday and Tuesday, and watching the crowds off the ferry’s walk by every other day.  Rolling by with suitcases.  Clickety clack, thump, clickety....

We had a very relaxed time.  I’m off to work now.  He’s off to do an inventory of last year’s literature.  We are still on vacation but less relaxed.

  • Himself:  Scheduled doc stuff, and spring Round up stuff.  Playing game stuff.
  • Herself:  Work and playing
  • Reading:  Took four Francis’s along, and relaxed into them.
  • Gratitudes:  This four day quiet pause.


    1. I was worried you headed South. Good you are home again. I hope you get some much needed rain...the kinder gentler kind.

    2. That was a nice relaxing trip to Catalina.


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