October 1, 2015


Our store is filled with Halloween things.  I can see this.  Most other shops have Halloween things scattered everywhere too.  Including the Halloween shops.  Teenagers and adults have taken this one over.

I just shake my head.

Frankly, I don’t do very well with food or candy holidays, but I really care for all the love that goes into Thanksgiving.  When I was small, I got to make the themed placecards for dinner.  Grandma over did the turkey and over salted the dressing.  I loved it all anyway.  My father and mother stayed sober, and interesting things were discussed.  Remember Dewey VS Truman.  We were a Republican family.

Yesterday we ran to Costco after G got off work.  Lots of new books, gas thirty something cents cheaper per gallon than at a regular gas station.  One slice of pizza for me.  Life was good.  In the store, just past the books, lay isle after isle of Christmas stuff.  I wasn’t ready for that at all.

  • Himself:  Audit queue yesterday, subrogations today.
  • Herself:  Determined to get the rough done for the essay on the Autobahn.
  • Reading:  A “new to me” Baldacci. 
  • Gratitudes:  I love my stairs.  Color, art work…I smile every time I walk down them.  Not up.


    1. Funny you. My family consisted of a Democrat Mother and Republican father. They were like the odd couple in 'The Way We Were." Probably why I try to see both sides today.

      Down this afternoon. Too much rain and big storm coming up the coast...uck!

    2. Not too much politics at my house but both were Democrats. I have been lazy over all the holidays because we do not usually have any company...so no point in taking stuff out and dusting it off for just me for a few weeks and then putting it all away again.

    3. Holiday stuff of all sorts out everywhere. Eek! Youngest son's mother-in-law puts on all the family dinners, including one she calls "Thankmas" for all the relatives who would rather be at home for T-day and Christmas. It falls mid-December. I skip some, attend others. Do show up for Christmas mornings at youngest son's, potluck breakfast and 9 kids opening up gifts. Sometimes I really miss those Thanksgiving dinners at my Dad's Mom's house. How she crammed all of us in her tiny home was amazing.

    4. I am not much of a holiday person. Not sure why.

    5. I have gone from being a Christmas hater to a Christmas lover, because we have had so many wonderful Christmases with family. In fact, I now like Thanksgiving, too, which we always celebrate with Terry's cousin, who lives here on the Big Island. She has her crowd, who show up every year. Halloween? Not so much. Costumes are not much fun when it's warm and humid. And what's the point of Halloween without costumes? We have had some nice Halloweens on the Mainland, though, trick or treating with the grand kids. The one holiday I will never like is Easter. Memories are of being cold in a flimsy dress and having to pretend I liked hunting for Easter eggs.

    6. I sort of ignore Halloween, except this year I'm doing a craft afterschool project at Columbia so I will get into the theme.

      My family was New-deal Democrats. I'm very liberal when it comes to government doing for its citizens because I have been the benefactor of so much.


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