November 25, 2015

All the News You Need to Know

I picked up a newspaper at the car wash the other day.  The pages were filled with news bytes on everything known to man.  I didn’t see Dear Abby, but I bet she was there in a section I couldn’t find.  The last time I read real news was years ago in Washington DC.  The Washington Post is a real newspaper.  Ours was fading away fast into a conservative, right wing, Christian focused rag that through cost cutting lost all the good stuff I liked. 

I confess that I was reduced to watching news on TV.  It was ok when you could watch the traffic on the LA Channel 5.  Cox cable stopped carrying 5.  No more good car chases, no more really juicy politics, and no more live Rose Parade.  Bottom line, no more full and balanced news either.

Now I see television news is losing ground to Internet news.  My local channels give us Weather and Traffic every ten minutes.  Every few minutes there’s a commercial too.  On top of it all, they are playing musical chairs with their anchors.  I liked my Channel 7 weather man.  He must have had an iron-clad contract for he is still at the station….reduced to doing morning traffic.  My favorite retired Highway Patrol, chopper, traffic man moved from 10 to 9 and now to 8.  The nice lady channel 8 evening news person vanished, reappeared on 5, then vanished again.  All the channel 10 talking heads stand now to deliver the news.

I’m distracted by the lack of real news, even at night on the three major networks, they all say the same thing over and over again.  Newspapers online charge money to read.  So far the BBC is free, which is nice.  As the BBC doesn’t give me my local news, I’m bereft.


  1. We read the local paper online, been doing that for over 5 years now. It's nice that I can have the local paper no matter where we travel. I like the local news for obits and stories happening in my own community. World news makes me very unhappy so I try to avoid most of it.

  2. The internet is taking over our lives!

  3. I find as I get older there are few creature comforts left. For me, one of those is the news. Since when is it news about actors, singers, socialites and what they wear, eat or do. I nearly went off the highway the day the top news on the radio in PEI, Canada was the name given to a baby of two of those people. Really? There was nothing else going on anywhere else in our country or beyond that day? I'm still not over it. I guess that comes with age too.

    I know exactly what you mean!

  4. In a past life in Seattle there were 2 papers, one am and one pm plus there were bookstores where you could pick up the papers like the NYT or an overseas paper. Not so much now, and not at all where I live. Have an online subscription to the NYT and they are parceling their news into different packages that now cost extra. Piffle.

  5. Everyone complains about our paper but we are lucky to have it.

  6. might have to pick up a paper once a week.


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