November 1, 2015

NoJoMo: 1

November Journaling Month, or NoJoMo, became a ritual for me and hundreds of others when we wrote on Open Diary.  Every year I pounded out something or posted something during the month of November.  I enjoyed it.  It poked me into writing something if only a few words every day. 

It’s been a long time since I took part.  Perhaps with my forgettery, I forgot it.  This year I will give it a try again.  Perhaps you will join me.

I’m a bit “dusted out,” as I call it, from moving all the living room furniture around.  I had wanted to keep the work area and the living room separate, but the layout I had chosen left us with a cramped mess.  This time I actually put the sofa up on a wall.  I did think of using the camel chests as a room divider.  Duck used to do that.  Somethings stayed put.  The worktables stayed where they were.  The clock and the tall bookcases stayed too. 
Dear G did the heavy lifting.  I was very grateful.

“I have to be able to get through there in the mornings,” he told me.  He could get through.

Little homey posts like this to make up a month?  Perhaps I will get more creative and find some deeper meaning to life other than dust later on in the month.


  1. No photo of the new arrangement? Your place is always cozy and nice...practical maybe not so much.

  2. Are you one of those who likes to change the furniture up a lot? I like to pretty much leave it where it is, once I've decided it works for me.

  3. Ahh that time again.. November. Gotta love the word forgettery. Can't say I've ever used it.. or maybe I just don't remember if I did.

  4. Super clock. G is quite right - one has to get through in the mornings. I try not to move furniture as I tend to walk into it and my shins are very battle scarred


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