November 9, 2015


It’s the little things in life that are really most important.  Bras that don’t hurt.  Underwear that doesn’t have runs or holes.  Pants that don’t creep up.  Socks that aren’t worn out.

When George left the house Saturday, he discovered that the socks he was wearing were worn paper thin.  These favorites, the “World’s Softest Socks,” are getting hard to find now.  First they were in stores, then they were in an outlet mall near us, now we can only hope they are still in the Carlsbad mall.  That’s 40 minutes up the coast from us.

If your feet aren’t happy, you can’t be happy.  That’s the bottom line.  He found fuzzy slippers to replace his totally worn out slippers, but he isn’t happy with the soft socks he found at JCPenney’s.  Yes, he was overjoyed to discover he could buy “World’s Softest Socks” online. 

He ordered five pair.  He’s a happy man.  I’m happy too.  He didn’t have to borrow any of my “World’s Softest Socks.”

  • Himself:  ”We feeling ok today.”  Working his own queue.  He loves doing subrogations.  Tonight a drive to Poway.
  • Herself:  Loving the cold air.  40F when we got up.  Swam, groceries, to store to photograph the holiday stuff to post on Facebook.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and read with Antiques Roadshow before bed.
  • Reading:  Have the new book about Lady Bird.  Have a new mystery too.
  • Gratitudes:  That I am warm and almost dry.


    1. I am feelig a bit heavy and thick from all the holiday decorations I had to struggle through to find some fireplace starter squares, some clarifying shampoo, and some small envelopes to store seeds. Gave up on looking for small statue for my DILs bulb garden. I like Christmas, but I no longer love it.

    2. Glad the sock crisis resolved. Ignoring the holidays for the moment, at least as much as I can. Glad you two are feeling "ok."

    3. I kept reading that as "world's SAFEST socks." Wondered what made them so safe, and why would someone need safe socks. Maybe it would help if I was wearing my glasses while reading these posts!

    4. Left a comment, but WP is nuts this AM. Glad G found his socks. Very important.


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