November 20, 2015

Touring Our Town

They must be tourists.  Why, you ask?  Because locals wouldn’t stand in the median of a busy four lane road in San Diego’s Balboa Park.  Would they do it at home?  Perhaps they are enchanted by the flowers and buildings.  I like Balboa Park a lot.  Would I stand in the middle of the road just to get a picture?

Perhaps I would….come to think of it.

The Museum of Man bell tower.

The Art Deco style Automotive Museum.

  • Himself:  His nose is still stuffy.  Will get in the hot tub before work.
  • Herself:  Pool, sorting, reading, posting, meeting.
  • Reading:  Francis….I’m really enjoying these.
  • Gratitudes:  Last night I was thinking how grateful I was for decent kitchen knives.

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    1. I love Balboa Park and all the gardens, and the rest of San Diego actually. But, no way would I ever stand in the middle of a street! Oh wait, I have... :)

    2. I too love Balboa Park. How special it is. Hope you get enough rain to keep the gardens going. I was said to see the cacti and succulents suffering on one hillside. My favorite is the orchid house. So many gardens...
      The toe was fine until I stubbed it on the broom David left lying on the floor. I swept and he was supposed to put the broom away. It's complicated but the parrots drop things so we sweep every day.

    3. We've been to San Diego. Loved it! The small things, like a sharp knife are so important and so taken for granted in the rush of every day life.🙂

    4. I can't imagine riding on one of those two wheelers, as I'm sure I would tip over and kill myself! Love the tower.


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