December 21, 2015



We set out Sunday morning to ride the SD Maritime Museum’s Swift boat.  These were used in Vietnam during the war on the rivers.  They went up to 29 knots not rising to plane on top of the water but with the stern sinking with the higher speeds. 

“In 1971, the US Navy donated two Swift Boats to the newly formed Republic of Malta’s Maritime Squadron. After forty years of coastguard duty, Malta retired these boats from service. In 2011, Malta's Minister of Defense donated a Swift Boat to the Maritime Museum of San Diego with our promise to preserve her history and to pay tribute to all Swift Boat Sailors from both countries.
The Swift Boat Sailors Association brought this Swift Boat to the Maritime Museum of San Diego to be restored and operated on San Diego Bay. Museum visitors will have the opportunity to experience the sound and throbbing vibration from two V12 diesels delivering 980 horsepower for high speed runs through the Bay while retired Swift Boat Sailors and docents talk about what it was like to be a crewman in Vietnam, serving as a Quartermaster, Gunner's Mate, Engineman, Radarman, Bosun's Mate or Skipper.”

It’s a much longer tour than other’s give.  Here we pass the Midway going at a sedate 9 knots.


And further down the bay, we pass the two new ships recently launched
from NASCO,

Followed by miles of navy ships in the south bay.

Heading north again, the Captain raised the speed to 19 knots.  The diesels are tired, one more than the other, but she can still give us a good turn of speed up the coast.  We donated to the engine replacement fund.

Just for a moment we cruised by the newest carrier to be homeported in San Diego then crossed the bay and docked.  The exhilaration from our trip lasted all day.


  • Himself:  Feeling good.  Had a great time at a small party here.  Works only three days this week.  One day he has to go north for an office party.

  • Herself:  I invited ten, and we seat 7.  All ten showed up at once with guests.  I still have dishes to wash from Saturday night.  Work is both Wednesday and inventory on the 4th.

  • Reading:  Craig.

  • Gratitudes:  That I am here and alive.

    1. Love the ides of the vets giving tours and information to visitors. Great idea and good to support it.

    2. You have to work on Christmas Day? Who do you work for, Scrooge?

    3. That's a ride I'd like to take. I like parties with more people than chairs, keeps us from hiding in a corner.

    4. It's a pretty impressive array of ships, including the one you were on.

    5. Chairs are not important. There is the floor and pillows for the younger. I road on an airboat for only the second time in my life during the recent Florida trip and the Pilot had motored these boats since a child and was a Vietnam Vet who actually piloted airboats in the war there. I did not know we used airboats, but makes sense, except for their noise!

    6. Spent Christmas weekend with the kids in San Diego -- every one of them was in various stages of sick... I told them they should have given us a heads up and we would have put it off until everyone was well. They wouldn't hear of it... Robert had a twinge of a sore throat tonight and I'm keeping my fingers crossed...


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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