December 11, 2015


I admit to being tired lately.  I’ll sit and read rather than create.  I’ll stand at the bottom of one of our ladder like flights of stairs and stare at them rather than climb them.  I’m uninspired. 

So even tho my mind is a blank, I’ve taken to keeping my camera with me all the time.  I admit I often forget I have it.  I force myself to take it out and use it even if it is in a store.  No beautiful landscapes for me.  I confess to being fascinated by the repetitions of today’s society.  Rows of cans on a shelf are really delightful things.  Dolls heads amuse me especially in multiples.  Perhaps even the overt ugliness of this teapot is inspiring.  It makes me laugh.

This poor thing is so bad that even Bobbie, in her search for the ugly Christmas gift, won’t buy it.  If I got it, who would I give it to?


  • Himself:  Roasted nuts didn’t work yesterday.  He was really angry about it.  Dinner was fine.  He was a bit disappointed in the cleaning job on my engine, but I can touch it up to perfection.
  • Herself:  Had a good day.  Grumpy’s engine is just fine.  Got presents wrapped.  Book read, pot roast perfection, pictures posted, and hid from G’s anger.  I wish the doc had scheduled the next tests sooner.
  • Reading:  Francis’s “Shattered.”
  • Gratitudes:  My camera.  My imagiination.  G’s resiliance.

    1. The tea pot has personality which I like. Isn't it amazing what grabs our eye as we take pictures. It is fascinating to me that you like the repetition. The tea pot must be really ugly to you. Love this post!

    2. Now that is extraordinary! Do you still have it? I need it for a gift!

    3. I knew it would be perfect for the Capt. I think it is so ugly that it should be a keepsake.

    4. I find it rather reserved. I mean, you can tell it's a functional teapot. (-;

    5. I think it's interesting and full of personality. :- )
      Umm... it reminds me of a vase one of my students gave me. My kids thought it was really ugly, but I have it in my china cabinet. I like it. LOL

    6. The pot reminds me of the still life art in the Medici collections. Beautiful in an exotic over the top way. Sorry about G. I am in a down period as well, so I can sympathize.

    7. The weather here is uninspiring. Too warm for me. My Irises are confused and blooming. Hope you feel better soon.

    8. I see the teapot sound someone to love! Success! Stairs are a real pain in the butt. I am happy that you keep your camera close. Here's hoping for more and more inspiration.

    9. I agree with you it is quite ghastly. However there is a pottery whose name escapes - starts with M which is much in demand over here. I don't like that either.


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