January 28, 2016

Wheels within Wheels...

Ya know….things are all ok.  I wait for results, I wait for the Tylenol to work, I talk with friends in the hot tub while they wait and make decisions.  I sign into Photobucket but keep looking back at Snapfish.  Maybe it’s good I change photo hosts.  Snapfish still doesn’t let us humans have access to the photo addresses.  I read all the miles of coding and am little wiser.

Losing all those years of cloud photos are really sad, but I have them on two hard drives.  Why do you need the address a kind man asks.  Why?  Because I post to more than one spot.  And too, even if I only post to Blogger, Blogger does fill up. 

Further wheel turns, Daughter Margot passed her clutter inspection.  She thinks empty surfaces and no lace are boring.  I certainly understand that one, but I remind her that lace gets dusty.  I’m the person who makes little sculptural compositions on almost every surface then has to dust them.  I’m also the one who picked a pink teddy bear to be out in public this year.  Yes, it adds a sense of clutter to the living room, but every time I notice it, I smile.


  • Himself:  Feeling well.  Working hard.  Cheering us all on.
  • Herself:  Rereading Lois McMaster Bujold’s work.  Nursing my tooth and sinus.  Finally decided to make a hanging not a quilt.  Takes a lot of pressure off my soul.  I already made "The Last Quilt."
  • Reading:  More Magazine…very stylish and perfumy.  G is reading too.
  • Gratitudes:  That I am here to write.


    1. I have photos on hard drives but fear loss. I also pay an annual fee to Photobucket as I was told it was the only one that would let you download back at full resolution. That was some time ago, so no it may change again. Blogger fills up? Does that mean my old posts will be there without the photos?

    2. Keep the positive thoughts going about the results if your test. Sending all good thoughts and wishes your way. Thanks for the heads up about blogger filling up. I've got to start making hard copies of that stuff.

    3. Gosh... I don't even know what Photobucket is. I did buy a 4 TB hard drive because I have so many photos to back up. I hope your tooth feels better soon. Ouch!

    4. Somewhat ironically, the photo that is supposed to be at the top of this post (I think because I get that funny symbol of a broken photo link), doesn't load for me. :)

      Tabor et al. People run out of space on Blogger because they upload full high res pics. I haven't run out of space yet after about 12 years because I upload small versions. You don't need a big one for a blog. Mind you, there was something about doubling your space by joining G+, so I could be into the extra space, I don't know.

    5. My friend says I should get an external storage for all my photos. For some that I post on Blogger, I don't keep them after. I've only been online for a couple of years, so haven't run into storage problems as yet. Have a really special weekend.

    6. Margot also has a cat and an eleven year old. They add to the "clutter".

    7. Doing wheelies again, I see. Your place liked neat and tidy when I visited. Yes, the hot tub is a great place to chat.

    8. Your pink teddy bear, my sock monkey. Just when I think I'm doing better at not bringing in more stuff (except books), I'm given this great sock monkey who makes us all smile.


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