January 6, 2016

Yin and Yang


George at the Comic Con Steampunk Gather 2015.

Monday morning, I went in to work to help with the once a year inventory.  George went to work.  Later that day he even went to his Monday night meeting.  We both were able to turn over our day as if there wasn’t an elephant in the living room.

Tuesday morning he brought me coffee, the dear man, and I ate yoghurt as we drove to the hospital before eight.  Yes, we were a bit early.  Yes, check in was easy and off he went.  I brought a book…of course.  I’ve learned to go nowhere without one.  A little after 10 am, a nurse came and got me.  George looked so vulnerable on a bed….curled on his side wordlessly.

No ulcers, no cancer, and inflammation of the stomach lining.  Probably involvement from his liver…so change of diet and exercise plan.  No white breads, low fat, no sugar, five small meals a day, and lose a pound a week. 

He did react poorly to the anesthetic becoming a totally different person all day long.  The doctor said he might, and he turned into a nasty, reactionary grumph.  A little this morning too.  Still, when I catch him making a joke or laughing, I know he is over the anesthetic.

I came down with laryngitis and a nasty cough.

  • Himself:  Feeling much better this morning.  Will call the doc about the next step.
  • Herself:  Got caught in a massive flood near the grocery store yesterday afternoon.  Very exciting.  I got us out of it.  Today, I’ll shelve books all by myself then come home and back to bed.
  • Reading:  Crais again.
  • Gratitudes:  No cancer no ulcers.


    1. Stressful time but you got through it. Isn't it amazing how our immune system just gives out after a stressful time though? So happy for you both!

    2. Glad he is okay. No you get better! Stay safe and dry.

    3. Wishing you both healing and good health.

    4. The anaesthetics can really affect some people. Glad things are coming along.

    5. I can't imagine flooding near your place given your height above the sea. Like s, you sit on a ridge. Rain is good for your water table. Congratulations to George!

    6. It is always frightening to see a loved one weak from some surgery or examination or drug. It does throw our mortality back in our face. I will be off for a colonoscopy next week and have to get up at 4:00 A.M. just to drink the last of that sh** removing liquid. I hate this as I am also very susceptible to anesthetic. It takes me a long time to return to normal. I am not grumpy...just stupid.

    7. I hope you both are able to deal with the new regimen and that good health will be ahead for you both and the ones you love. Your photo reminded me, thanks to other steampunk images you ave posted over the years, that I had tracked down exactly what steampunk means and was able to clarify it for my 13-year-old grandson when he encountered it in his shopping for video games.It did this granny's heart good. When it comes to those games, he is usually the one explaining things to me.

    8. Now.the days can begin again with a smile :)

    9. So unsettling to have you two not feeling well. Just seems against the laws of nature. I'm hoping for radiant good health for you both. Starting right now! Bonnie

    10. Good news indeed. Keep it up.

    11. Those drugs make me literally crazy!
      Glad the news was good.


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