February 16, 2016


It’s my eldest daughter’s birthday today.  After a bad start in life, for which I will always be responsible, she grows happily into her own person.  It’s interesting to wonder which is more important….getting food or gluing one’s teeth in.  Today she went for food and gas. 

I elected to leave my old partial out as I kept impaling my tongue on one spikish bracket.  I know I look vaguely homeless and unkempt, but it’s better than stabbing myself with every other word. 

Today I have been desperately fuzzy.  Maybe when I get my crown and partial back, Thursday after a diet and exercise meeting with my GP, I will once again appear semi whole and my brain will blossom.    Then again Margot seems whole even without her Fixodent.

So there we were, mother in black and white, and daughter in navy and white both without teeth.  Perhaps there’s something to be said for love.

  • Himself:  Food again seems to be working.  His clothes hang, his new suit is way too big, and we are both pleased.  The modem still isn’t right, and we are getting another new one this evening.
  • Herself:  Fuzzy.  Smaller too….progress on one front.  Got the roses downloaded.  Prescription Prilosec since the late 70’s…that worries me.
  • Reading:  Longmire from the library.

  • Gratitudes:  That it’s a glorious sunny day.  That my daughter went out of her way to drive many miles here. 

    1. It is always the yin and the yang and not beating ourselves up for our mistakes that were so many long years ago. I am glad that Geezer is losing weight. I have been running 4-5 miles each week and losing only my brain by watching Netflix. Rose, do miss them this time of year.

      I am sorry about the dental problem. Appearances carry so much weight in our culture and I will try to remember that!!

    2. Forgiveness is hard to do but the toughest is forgiving yourself in my experience. Cherish what you have now and proceed from there. It sounds so sappy but so true, the present is a gift today. Enjoy it, even if now it is without teeth. This too will pass.

    3. Be gentle with yourself. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of night beating myself up over why I did this or that and how it effects my sons. Those devilments never quite seem to leave us.

    4. I'm trying to picture the two of you together. That photo is just so very gorgeous! You take the most incredible flower photos.


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