February 27, 2016

The Now Days

An old work boat.

·       Most diabetic folks are way ahead of me.  Not only do they know the diet, they know a yogurt that doesn’t have a texture like sand.  I’m treating the search for a fat free, smooth yogurt as serious business.  Green beans for breakfast slow me down.  Carrots and beets are ok, but I love a solid yet creamy yogurt.  I’ve discovered celery with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter but not for breakfast.  I love cottage cheese, but I love it best for lunch.  I’ve even found a pretty good fat free cottage cheese.  I thought I’d be daring today and eat an egg after I shop for yogurt.
·       I confess.  I haven’t weighed since the 23rd.  I’d lost elven pounds by then, but I am afraid to discover my weight loss has stopped. 
·       I had my first serious drinking dream last night since 1985.  Perhaps I was 35 or 40 in the dream and heading down to the pier.  There was a big party, and an old dream-lover invited me down to join the crowd for a glass of wine.  I went.  What triggered it?  Winston, one of the guys I had the most hope for slipped.  A slip is when you go out and get drunk.  In his last five years clean and sober, he went from homeless to getting a Bachelors and Masters in Social Work.  Eight days ago he used great quantities of drugs mixed in with great big giant bottles of booze.  It’s amazing he didn’t die.  I must have been more frightened by his slip than I knew.
·       It’s a lovely cool Saturday morning.  There is a gentle haze over the world, and word is that we will heat up into the seventies.  I’ve posted bunny rabbits on the Discovery Shop Facebook page, congratulated one cousin on her birthday, and now am writing this before I head out into the world.  Perhaps I will be brave and have cottage cheese with scrambled eggs in a real restaurant.  Oh, the adventure of it all.

  • Himself:  He’s playing a game on his computer.  He’s also trying to turn off his computer hours earlier than he used to.  That’s a big adventure.
  • Herself:  Domesticity be me….while I laugh.  Dishes done.  Bed made.  Maybe I will be brave enough to start on that hanging.
  • Reading:  Philip  Craig.
  • Gratitudes:  For being alive and not going to that party under the pier even in my dreams.


    1. I know the struggle with food, what to eat and how much. Every day is a choice to eat healthy. Keep working at it.

      I hope your friend finds his way back. It really affected you for you to dream as you did. Recognizing that impact is important too, as you have done.

      Have a great weekend.

    2. Disturbing news about your friend. I wish him a good recovery from his slip. My son and I quit going to the family dinner parties every week because of the ever present booze. People who should know better can be the worst pushers.

      My yogurt pick is Mountain High low fat. We have it here in WA and OR but I don't know about CA. Low fat plain or low fat vanilla. 16g carbs in either. Very smooth texture. Puzzling: the low-fat is 30 calories less a cup serving than the fat-free variety. Seems to be the less fat more sugar. I eat it as is, use both kinds as dressing on fruit salads in the summer and use the plain yogurt in place of oil in baked breads.

      Keep after it. Each time I think I've conquered my old food habits and relaxed other things creep in. Its not so much the holiday season, as the blah winter weather that follows fog laden here right after I think!

    3. Cottage Cheese for breakfast. You're walking on the wild side. ;)

    4. Oh wow... so very sorry about your friend who slipped... I do hope he found himself and got back on that wagon. I too am glad you didn't go to that party under the pier! Carbohydrates is what it's all about (diabetes). Watch your carbohydrate intake and your blood sugar will obey. Moderation in all things is a good thing. Robert compensates for straying from his diet -- i.e., if he has cookies, he won't have ice cream and he'll only have 2 cookies (18 carbs is high for the two cookies, but tolerable if he's been 'good' that day.) Balance... Egg substitutes aren't all that bad, and an omelet made with them is tolerable. I don't know about a fat free yogurt that tastes decent. I'll have to do some investigating for you! Hugs and love ... me

    5. So sorry about that dream. Frightening!! We all walk the edge but those of you who have identified what brings you there can at least fight the good fight. Some of us do not know when we slip, because we are in denial of the whatever. I am so sorry for your friend. It is like they are reaching out to death rather than waiting. I eat nothing fat free. I just eat smaller (tiny and savored) and fewer portions. Why eat ice cream if it is fat free? I saw a quart of fat free half and half in the store and almost choked on my tongue...half and half of what? Do not like to put that kind of stuff into my body.

    6. I have found that almond butter on a stick of celery is quite good and good for you too. I eat an egg four mornings a week. Also like low-fat Greek yogurt. Tasty and dense protein too.

    7. A long time ago I was put in the care of a diabetic counselor. I had to do my blood checks in the morning and evening. I learned that way what was not good for my body glucose count. Sushi and tempura is VERY bad for me. I restrict myself on those. Now that I'm in Hawaii, the hospital is not so strict with me, but I've kept the blood count in a safe if not optimal area.

    8. I'm so sorry for your friend, Winston. What a sad thing to have happened. I sure hope he'll be all right again.

    9. I feel for you. I don't think I could face peanut butter and celery in the morning. But Greek yogurt is wonderful. Does it have to be fat free?

    10. That's sad about Winston.
      If you cut me I would bleed fat free vanilla yoghourt. I have it twice a day.


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