March 7, 2016

Organizing Heroically

Next will be the tall bookcase.

I failed at ruthless yesterday and devolved into heroic.  Although I dusted and moved and organized, only one book and a pile of tile coasters were put aside for the thrift store.  Only occasionally was I mesmerized by a story.  Only occasionally did I stop to read a word or two.  I did set aside a few books to read soon, but mainly I was heroic with my organizing.

All the ink and pens are together….and dusted.

The big fishing tackle box of pastels is easy to access.  I didn’t open the box, but I know all those sticks of luscious pure color are still in there.

The little sketch books are together as are the pallets and water color boxes. 

All the threads are together as are all the lamp clamps.  I can find the safety pins, and the sewing box with the small delicious things like bodkins.

The water color tubes live in a separate tackle box down there on the bottom shelf next to the radio I don’t know how to run.

Two bookcases left to sort. 

  • Himself:  He says that he is pretty good today.  He is noticeably thinner, darn it.

  • Herself:  I’m stuck at losing 11 pounds.  My levis fell off yesterday tho.  Not feeling fuzzy any more either.  According to the Diabetes folks, I can have 45 to 60 carbs a day or 15 a meal.  I’m really NOT good at numbers.  I think I would rather be bored with a set series of meals since I can’t figure out .

  • Gratitudes:  George, sobriety, anything I can do to give back.


    1. Great progress! Before you know, you'll have it all done!

    2. We just do what we can each day.
      I just want to throw myself into that white chair every time you show it.

    3. So much to be grateful for, each and every day. We just have to look around us... Hugs to you and G.

    4. Everything there looks beautiful, Mage. Is that a Christmas cactus I see? I should be doing some organizing too. Then there's the caulking... Sigh...

    5. Congrats on your progress. I'm past the time of "doing it all at once" but have a really difficult time parting with books. I have so many still yet to read. I keep a few on my iPad Mini Kindle app to read in waiting rooms or when I travel. Otherwise, I still prefer the type that fit on bookshelves. Parting with them seems like giving away part of myself, but know I should thin them out.

    6. Ahhhh....... You opened the covers whilst trying to be ruthless.

    7. Your pants fell off? Good for you!

    8. My pants fit better but I have not lost any weight. I am watching my calorie intake, but will not give up carbs, wine, chocolate totally for any reason. I am at the end of years and need some food enjoyment. I have upped the exercise, but it will probably give me a heart attack or sprain that keeps me fat and bed-ridden!!! Such a chronic pessimist. Spring is here!!!!!!

    9. I hear those pens, ink and washes! they are saying HELLO!!!
      xoxo c!


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