May 12, 2016

I See You !

1963.  Cat eye glasses.  I wore these when I joined the Army.

1974?  Great big, oversized, heavy real glass glasses that broke falling off my nose several times yet were very fashionable.

The carpet cleaners came just as I was heading out for the Opthomoligist’s office.  I missed the whole show as one young man struggled to get the last folk’s soap out of our carpet. 

Instead of just checking the pressure in my eyes, I got everything done but dilated.  My right eye was noticeably worse, weepy and crusty.  I was noticeably unhappy.  After most of the new electronic tests, no cataract surgery for 6 months or more, and the usual testing for new glasses, I came home happy for the moment.  The pressure is still within the normal range…barely.

My round glasses that I love are repaired, I’ve ordered a new pair.  The new frames are a dark royal blue and a little larger than my last pair.  The oculist told me that I was fun.  “Next time,” she told me, “Buy white.  Then you can be red, white, and blue.”  I left laughing.

Hopefully, I will see you better when I get my new glasses.

2011.  My favorite pair, and I am still wearing them.

  • Himself:  Opened all the doors and windows then turned the fans on. 

  • Herself:  He was grateful that I got a Saturday Morning appointment in four months for the long appointment.

  • Reading:  Still working on the book about White House wives.

  • Gratitudes:  That I am still allowed to drive a few places tho I was questioned about this.


    1. Your glasses evolution was interesting! Love the first picture with your babies!

    2. I'd forgotten about real glass lenses! May your favorite frames last forever.

    3. I liked having big glasses. I miss my old pair. They don't make them big anymore. Sigh... I really like your favorite pair.

    4. hi! new to your blog! Yep, I'm keeping glaucoma and cataracts at bay. I feel your pain. ;)

    5. The eyes, the ears, what's next to go? On review, I find I am repeating myself so maybe its the brain.

      1. If I am not repeating myself, I am forgetting myself. LOL


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