May 19, 2016

May Grey

Democrats this morning.  She wants me at 10 to give her time to get organized.  I can do 10.    What I am having trouble doing is remembering what to say on the phone, and how to not kill other’s on the freeway.  I drove this route every day, to and from, for years, I took the bus up here on days that got dark early…and here I am making a fuss about the drive. 

Ate out last night: salad, chicken, and veggies.  Dinner is already purchased for a tonight at home. 

Cancer Society tomorrow.  Perhaps the sun will come out tomorrow.  None of us here know what to do with this May Grey that’s not June Gloom.

  • Himself:  Subrogating happily. 
  • Herself:  My friend Claudia has a lumpectomy this morning.
  • Reading:  Gilman.
  • Gratitudes:  That I am here, that I can still drive, that my finger is healing, that I don’t have to drink.  Given a little time, I can make this list endless.


    1. You and I are doing things in a very similar way and in sync for some reason.

      1. I find we often do things of similar natures....except you do green and growing things. :)

    2. Love the gratitudes. I feel the same. Lucky people!

    3. I remember May Gray ... we get a bit of June Gloom in May up here. Cold today -- barely 50 deg. Brrrr

    4. Some days are like this, and just meeting our obligations is about the best we can do. And that is actually quite a lot, come to think of it.

    5. Well you've done it. Good for you. Go Hillary!

    6. Thank you, Mage. I could never work on the phones. I can't think fast enough.


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