May 9, 2016

Sunday Lazies


The colors seemed magnified this day.  After CBS Sunday Morning, we took our lazy selves out into the world cameras in hand.  Cliffs, top of the Point, and bay all offered opportunities for pictures.  He got a lot, and I got a couple that aren’t too bad at all.  This one was an accident.  I couldn’t really see through the viewfinder nor could I see the screen.  I didn’t know what I had till I got home.

  • Himself:  He had a “Not too bad,” day said with a smile.
  • Herself:  Milaka called…what a delight, and while Margot and Zoe were sick, we still had a chat.  It was good.
  • Reading:  The new book on the president’s wives….I’m not impressed.
  • Gratitudes:  That I’m here, clean and sober,


    1. Great shot! Sometimes the best ones happen by accident.

    2. Love the photo. Great shot despite the screen blindness. It looks perfectly timed with the sea spray in the background.

    3. I have had photos that revealed themselves when I got home. I still take the chance because digital costs nothing but time.

    4. I love this photo. I know I write that comment a lot, but the colors, the silhouettes of the birds against the sea, are grand. You are pretty grand also.

    5. Can feel the spray. I grew up near salt water most of my life sometimes wonder how I ended up in the desert? Beautiful.

    6. I can feel the power in the photo.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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