June 22, 2016

A Pleasureable Grind

The air blows cool through the windows as I come home from work.  The dust of seeming centuries covers me head to toe having leapt from dolls and books to shirt and shorts.  The stuffed animals were especially dusty.  None of us could breathe today, and we all shared sneezes with great enthusiasm. 

Lots of things for the upcoming “Urban Jungle” event.  Animal prints on everything you can think of….purses, chairs, clothes, shoes, books, dolls…we be printed.  I photographed as much as I could while enjoying every moment.

Just after I spent an hour making sure the books were in order, topic, type, and subject together, along came a wonderful lady customer to buy all the big and unusual volumes.  She even bought a very large books about cats sitting.  I spent another acre of time putting things back in order again.

It’s wonderful to be home and breathing my own dust. 

  • Himself:  Planning on repainting the upstairs bath and the kitchen when we get back from Vegas.  Getting the old, rotten paint off will be a wicked chore.
  • Herself:  Sewed the first small star for the crow quilt yesterday.  Hard work to make all the points almost touch.  Not ok this morning.  Perhaps I was too hot.  Got rid of many gold-Mexican glassware pieces and four pair of too big pants.  Moving on to my computer now.
  • Reading:  Brought three readers home from the store.  Finished the Lee book

  • Gratitudes:  That most of the time I feel so good.

    1. You seem to have a lot of fun events going on around there.

    2. I enjoyed your description of the dust and its effects on the staff.

      Busy but good life by the sound of it.

    3. Fascinated by the jungle fabrics -- wasn't sure if it was articles of clothing or lengths of fabric hanging on a rack. Very cool stuff... Hugs and love to you and G.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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