July 15, 2016


It’s been a slow seven days following doctor’s orders.  Drink lots of fluids, bland diet, and rest.  I even managed to lose weight on that regimen much to my pleasure.  I am very grateful that she didn’t hospitalize me.  When my friend Bobbie suggested I look up the treatment for diverticulitis, I noted hospitalization and surgery were the next steps.  No thank you.

My own library supplied enough real nutrients to keep me going.  Space opera though juvenile, was right there for an easy read.  George kept me fed most meals though we now are officially out of most bland foods.   Bland is not me if you know me.

I will miss the Pride parade this weekend, darn it.  (Above is one of the oldest AIDS Walk signature panels beautifully recreated by one of Sister Margaret’s sewing ladies.)  Monday I will creep back into life….back to the gym, back to work Wednesday, and lastly back to Comic Con on Friday.   

2015 Steampunk Gather:  George is almost top center.

  • Himself:  He’s worked his own job this week, even went to the gym.  Starting into a high protein diet again.

  • Herself:  Sleeping an awful lot.  I have read all your blogs but left few notes.  They wouldn’t have made sense anyway.  Terribly sad about Nice.

  • Reading:  Lots of space opera.

  • Gratitudes:  That I’m getting better.


    1. Sending all the best thoughts and wishes your way. Feel better soon!

    2. Glad you are healing and feeling better. Be gentle with yourself.

    3. Darn, darn, darn. So sorry because you have been so good about your diet. I like puddings and spaghetti with olive oil. Are those on your diet?

      1. Yes, just bland tho. No dairy...darn.

    4. Lovey attractive quilt! Sorry you've been under the weather but glad you're on the mend. Have had some abdominal issues myself for several weeks & not just sure what as i do have diverticulosis. Not a stretch to think could be more but not as severe as what you must have experienced.

    5. Glad you are on the mend. Diverticulosis is rough. rough, rough. It was good you had some lit light to help grab your attention from the miseries. Every little bit helps.

    6. Well unless I'm losing my gourd, I missed that you had a medical crises. Hopefully you will recover enough to eat that Mexican food which is so wonderful in CA.

    7. Thank you dear Mage for you nudge. Finally got a post out.

    8. Oh, I do feel for you. That is one of the absolute worst pains. So very glad you're on the upswing of things. Do be careful re-introducing your foods... Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Gentle healing hugs to you. Thankful for G as well!

    9. It seems like you are on the mend. Keep on keeping on, eh.

    10. I'm doing a quick visit. Life is crazy right now. Congratulations of losing weight. Sigh... I've been gaining.


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