July 7, 2016

Piecing's 142

Cabo San Lucas, 2008.

Yes, that’s right where I fell into the water with my favorite camera.  Yes, I am still using that camera but now after an expensive repair.  I love that glimpse of the Pacific Ocean from inside the Bahia San Lucas past the El Arco Monumental. 

Today I’m planning on playing with some current photos and quilting more weeds for the bottom border.  Nothing exciting at all…just a struggle.  I was asked why I still quilted if it was such a fight for me to complete each block.  It’s because I passionately love the finished product. 

Even though I cannot add or subtract beyond the 3rd grade level, I love the fabrics and colors.  Sometimes I have to add extra fabric strips to make each block the same size.  People think the strips are supposed to be there.  I lost my hand-eye coordination in 1989, but if I doggedly stick to making a block work it gets done.   Doggedly means taking something apart and sewing it back together again, and again…and again…

Buoyed by Bobbie’s enthusiasms, I’m heading down to make a couple more blocks of weeds.  Isn’t each cornfield lined with a few weeds?  Mine are simple stars.


  • Himself:  Working at his own job this week.  SD Auto Museum Picnic on Saturday.  We will probably take the 1950’s Avocado/Grapefruit salad everyone likes so much.
  • Herself:  Got lots of children’s books yesterday.  Wonderful fun stuff.
  • Reading:  Another of Moon’s space opera series.
  • Gratitudes:  Thought about running up the stairs yesterday.


    1. measure more than twice, cut once

    2. Glad you are fighting you way through to that quilt. Sometimes we just have to push on through and then smile when we achieve that long sought goal. Getting back to reading the blogs.

      1. So glad to know you had a great trip.

    3. Such a gorgeous setting!

      You must have a huge sense of accomplishment when you get a quilt done after working so hard to make it! It will have a story of your efforts sewn into it.

    4. I once dropped my camera from a fairly significant height. It was a rugged one, so I didn't have to repair it. But I did have to send my relatively new lens in for repair. At least the glass hadn't been shattered.

    5. I love your perseverance. Hope to see some pictures of your quilt some day. Hugs to you Mage.

    6. Please dont run. David did and crashed. Now we have a very mashed drainpipe. The metal bent, he did'nt.

    7. Nice photo. I would love to see Cabo. Avocado and grapefruit salad is terrific. I'm waiting for my avocado harvest to come in.


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