August 25, 2016

Celebrating our National Parks

Cabrillo Lighthouse before the early morning clouds burned off.

Staying home long enough to tell Mariah that the kitchen and doors upstairs were freshly painted, we headed off to enjoy our unique National Park. 

We do have a National Park here in San Diego, and we were off to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the National Park Service by climbing to the top of the lighthouse.  Battery E’s Control Station was also open….such fascinating stuff just a few miles from the house.

The first batch of visitors have climbed to the top.

That which goes up, has to come down.

This tightly wound circular stair goes clear through to the basement.


A walk down the spine of Point Loma led us to the Battery E Control Station.

I never knew it was open before.  It’s a fascinating, two level, WWII  fire control station for Battery E…or Battery Ashburn.  The battery itself has now been repurposed by the Navy, but the fire control station has been repaired and restored by military volunteers.

The spotting scope on the top level.

George climbing down to the lower living level.

It was a lovely morning in the sun, then after salad at home, a quickie trip to ROSS where G got a two inch smaller belt.  Less worn out looking too.


  • Himself:  Sanding and repainting one door.
  • Herself:  Took photo of finished laundry room and moved things around in the garage.
  • 52 Week House Reorganization:  5 minutes in the garage.  LOL
  • Reading:  Stiff.
  • Gratitudes:  That I managed to walk so very far with so few sitting breaks today.


    1. Great photo of the spiral stairs.

      Isn't it amazing all the great things there are to explore in the local area?

    2. Wow, that place is amazing! Those stairs look daunting, though!

    3. Good for you. With the state of my foot and knees, I would pass on the climb.

    4. I've never gone up the stairs in the lighthouse, though I've visited them in my dreams many times! Thanks for the photos -- I do love San Diego; it's so beautiful. Hugs and have a good say -- and happiness that you're able to walk better.

    5. good DAY! Arrrrgh! Typos... I hate them!

    6. I think light houses are beautiful.

    7. My kind of sight seeing. I love the lighthouses here on the OR and WA coasts. I can still get up them with much huffing and puffing but it is slooooow, it? me I'm slow. But such views.

      Good job with the walking my friend.


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