August 24, 2016

Las Vegas On The Cheap

Hotel New York New York.

We flew off into the wild on Sunday noonish, and we returned on Tuesday evening.  Once we got there, we had a ball.  Once we got home, we had fun too.  I don’t think I’m fond of flying anymore.

We did Vegas on the cheap.  Packed super light, flew “Spirit” economically, and got a $30.00 dollar a night room at the Rio off the strip.  I know now about off season rates and one bag packing.  If we didn’t insist on bringing our own pillows, we could have done this whole trip without a bag.

What we did wrong?  He brought two pair of pants plus shorts…he only needed one pair of pants.  I brought one shirt that matched nothing while forgetting my sandals but I did bring one pair of shorts and one pair of jeans.  What we did right?  We came out even with everything else, and we ended up quite enlightened about lite travel.  Best of all, we had fun.

The room at the Rio was palatial.  The buffet was mediocre the night we saw Penn and Teller, but breakfasts were good.  We ate appetizers for lunch.  We ate a good dinner at the Mandalay Bay “House of Blues” the night we saw Cirque’s Michael Jackson show.  George wanted more circus, but I was happy with the whole show.  He was jazzed Teller picked me to go on stage for the goldfish act.  I was delighted, and never saw how it was done tho it was right next to my face..

G made a small profit at the tables and penny machines, and we met like-minded, kind people at a meeting out in the middle of BFE.  We did cheat a bit at the start and end…we used a wheelchair.  Oh, I could have done the many walks, but I would have had to stop and take many short breaks.  Instead, we were wheeled right through the TSA lines and up to the loading areas.  This little kindness was thanks to the ADA.

  • Himself:  Painted the kitchen today.  It’s been looking very travel worn.
  • Herself:  Went to do books and found them all done.  Straightened out the shelves and made it a book sale.
  • 52 Week House Reorganization:  The laundry area looks clean and useful now.  I’m up to week 14: Organize your garage.  It’s bad.
  • Reading:  I have one new mystery downstairs.
  • Gratitudes:  That we had so much relaxation.  That we came home smiling.


    1. It sounds like a great trip. Wish I could pack so light.

    2. I envy your packing lightly! We were happy to get similar rates in early November. Can't wait!!

    3. Nice little get-away! And yes, by all means, wheelchairs are a God-send at airports. The assistants make sure you get to the right gate, on time and you get on board before everyone else. You deserve to have a bit of ease in your life!!

    4. p.s. I gave up on the organizing... I clicked on a link in her last newsletter and it was malware. :/ froze my computer screen, made all sorts of nasty horn honking sounds and scared the BeJesus out of me... I wrote her and told her about it and unsubscribed. Checked out a book on organizing written by a Japanese woman and got to the third chapter before giving it up. I don't know what to do with things that were given to me by family members. My kids don't want any of our 'stuff' and I guess I'm not ready to part with some of it. I don't have this mental image of what I want my house to look like beyond the way it is now, so I guess I'm not ready to reorganize everything. I did separate my spices on a spontaneous burst of insight -- all of the meat/savory spices on one side, sweet spices on the other. I only have to search through a few instead of all of the spices!

      1. You are so cute. Why subscribe. I'm doing it bit by bit from her website. Now to the garage, and ours is a disaster. She suggests that we do it 15 minutes at a time, and I can do that. Yes, there are things I love passionately too. Everything else, I am giving to various thrift stores if the kids don't want them. Margot told me, "No more." Spices. I filed them alphabetically. LOL

    5. Sounds like a great packing light trip. I am always surprised when I get home how much stuff I didn't use or wear. Slowly learning to pack better.

    6. Your trip sounds like fun. I've long since ceased to enjoy flying as I once did -- seating is just not pleasant. Wheelchair is a boon when it's needed. Seems like planes land the furthest distance they could be from any connecting flight, even if it's the same airline. Admire your packing light as I need to hone that skill. Must discipline myself for reorganization and downsizing -- good for you -- think I'm spending too much time reading.

    7. Packing light is something that we don't seem to be able to do. When I tried last weekend I was saved because Sue had jackets in the car. The forecast was for hot, but it got quite cold on Saturday night (or was it Sunday), so the jackets that are always in the car came in handy.

    8. Great fun. I learned to travel with one bag ages ago. I take it on the plane with me. Been to a meeting in LV, many moons ago.

    9. That sounds fun. I'm not flying for the foreseeable future. Packing! Mine is all hanging in the drawing room - waiting for decisions. I hate it when my taxi driver groans when she lifts my case.


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