August 13, 2016

Week Nine: Laundry...

And I may take a week to do this one....

In the way, I need a new place to store these.

Wonderful donations of books at work filled my shelves.  Yesterday I got them off the floor and sorted.  While G is at the museum, I may go in to work this afternoon just so I can get them priced if nothing else. 

Meanwhile, I’m beginning in the Laundry Room.  What’s it’s function, asks the author of the program.  I have to reply, “To store laundry supplies, to store hangers, and to do laundry.”  The truth is, it’s a total mess with little bits and odds and ends just gathering dust above and below the machines….which need cleaning too.

George does the laundry.  He says it keeps him moving away from his computer for a few hours two days a week.  The laundry is pretreated upstairs and stored in a laundry hamper in its own hidden cupboard.  Two flights down there’s a built in table for folded items and a heavy rod for clothes on hangers.  That part is ok.

The author asks about areas for things that must dry flat?  I laugh and say that the warm hood of a car or truck works very well.  Ironing?  Being the laziest person on the west coast, I don’t iron.  If it has to be cleaned or ironed, it can go to the cleaners and get pressed there.

Step two: Declutter your laundry room.  I couldn’t find a picture to show you how bad it is.  Step three: Making it functional.  Step four:  Making it pretty….and I laugh. How can one make a dark garage corner pretty.

Margot is coming today.  Her Rav4 is registered, insured, and in the shop.  We have an estimate for the repairs, and she’s coming down to pick up a check.   I’m really proud of her for getting all this done.  The last two things are the body shop and two tires. 

Best of all, my sewing machine is out of the shop.  We have lift off.

  • Himself:  Working very hard this week.  Tomorrow is a company picnic in back country Poway.   Neither of us are looking forward to being social in 100 some degree heat. (37.77778 C).
  • Herself:  Small return of the bowel pains.  Only water yesterday evening, and bread for breakfast today.  Much better.
  • Reading:  Starting a new Daniel Silva.
  • Gratitudes:  For a pain free morning.


    1. We did our laundry room last year. So much better! Good luck!

    2. Your dedication to this task is praiseworthy.

      1. counter the fact that I am a slob. LOL

    3. My laundry room does not have much room!!!

    4. I share a laundry room with four other people in my condo building. The sweet woman who cleans the hallways cleans the laundry room too. It's a good thing.

    5. Yep, clean sweep of the laundry corner.

    6. I've not been very good at keeping up with my organizing... Have finished another apron with two half-way done. It's slow going... I also proofread a couple of short stories for an online author, which took me away from my sewing machine. I put my Bernina in the shop in Bakersfield, and we put our truck in the shop here in town. The Honda will go into the body shop when the truck gets out of the mechanic's shop. We're playing musical vehicles here... LOL

    7. p.s. I store all of my pens/pencils/gels in round containers and cups, set on a shelf in a cupboard (out of the light-though I don't know that the light will bother them). I discovered several of my gel pens had dried up. I thought there was a way to get them fluid again but don't remember what it was. :/

    8. Sorry, I'm the laziest person on the west coast! My hubby cooks, does the dishes, the laundry, and we NEVER iron, except maybe a Halloween costume. :)

    9. Sorry to hear about the pain. Miserable, I know. My Sis has IBS.


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