November 13, 2016

A Progression

Incoming books at the store.

Some paperbacks are $16.00.  Yes, I didn’t think about it before now.  Yes, I was truly shocked.  Hardbounds are vastly more.  I read, and those kinds of prices are far beyond me. 

If I buy a hardbound book at the big chain store such as “The Promise” by Robert Crais, it will be $27.95 or $35.95 in Canada.  By the time it gets to Costco, that same volume is $15.95.  Even I, who doesn’t always see numbers, can see and understand that discounting. 

Many folks discard their books after the first reading.  They often end up in mom and pop independent book stores all over the world.  Mom markets her books at a vast discount to enthusiasts anywhere through the internet.  ABE Books and Alibras Books will happily sell you old Crais or the latest Crais at the click of your mouse.  These first run hardbounds are priced from $3.25 and up.  Then again, I found true schitzophrenia in the pricing.  Wielding her pricing gun, mom labeled her paperbacks from $10.00 to $14.95. 

By the time “The Promise” gets to me At the Discovery Shop, even if it is a little worn I price it at two bucks.  A dollar for paperbacks.  What a comedown.  Yet many readers are still here just reading on their Kindles now.  Some Nook owners mourn the loss of these ereaders, but many are now switching to Kindle. 

I recommend my patrons to go to their local libraries. We have a wonderful library system here.  If your neighborhood branch doesn’t have the books you want, they can get them.  Best of all, it’s free.



  1. Our library system is well used. Such a wonderful service!

  2. I'm a Kindle gal, and have been since the day they came out. I'm on my 3rd one, and I have hundreds of free books on it. And it is in a gorgeous leather carved cover, so I miss nothing about a 'real' book. But that's just me. :)

  3. I couldn't live without my library and the two used bookstores who have managed to stay open here. Not an e-reader fan. Can't say why exactly. Give me stacks of books. :-)

  4. I love books. I buy new books. I order used books, occasionally from Powells, but I want a new book when it comes out. I pass them on to friends who are unable to buy new books. I don't want a time limit on a book, so am not partial to the library. New books is a luxury that I'm not yet willing to give up. I don't travel. I don't remodel my house. I read.

  5. The books you want when you want them can be pricey.

  6. Thank you!! Support your public library!!!!


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