November 28, 2016


We are “décored” I announce with a smile. 

The old cookie tray is filled with tops for ornaments I have broken.  I saved these over a great many years.  Imagine how many ornaments that might be if this year I broke three.  Now everything is put away.

The tree is done.  The few animals we have left have taken up residence under its branches, and we replaced the wreath.  I who hates fake anything has a fake tree, fake animals, and fake wreath.  I truly dislike the thought of cutting down live things just to decorate my home for a Christian holiday.

There’s a gaggle of birds on the TV Shelf….remind me to photograph them please, and we have transferred Milaka’s wreath-ribbon to the new wreath.  A date has been picked for a tiny gathering.  Deserts and wassail with coffee from our rocket coffee pot.  Gotta photograph that too.  We are waiting for daughter 1 to call, and I dearly wish daughter 2 lived nearer.

We are “décored” enough to make us both happy.


  • Himself:  Picked the wreath, and wired it well to hang it on the door.  Grocery shopped too.  Spoke before 300 folks last night....briefly.
  • Schedules:  This week:  (If I don’t write it all down, it gets forgotten,) SUN: Enchiladas, beans and salad.  MON: Beef, salad, broccoli, and enchiladas again TUE.  Shop again for Wednesday thru Friday.  Working December Nights at the Museum Saturday…they feed us there.  Parking pass arrived.
  • 52 Week House Reorganization:  Got rid of two worn wreathes.
  • Reading:  Starting the new Francis.  Going to try Donna Leon.
  • Gratitudes:  That G and I are able live this life.


    1. I'm allergic to pine, so no choice but fake for us. ;)

    2. So glad I found the link here. Now to stir my memory of who and where you are. It's been so long since I read my linked blogs. :-)

      1. I'm Mage, and I am in OB on the ocean.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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