November 12, 2016

Second Half

23) Are you flattered or annoyed by gentlemanly behaviour?
Charmed.  I am so used to leaping out of cars, of opening doors for G, that I’ve fallen out of Victorian manners.  I think it good if both halves of a couple are mannered toward each other….not only does it create a bond, but this banishes dependency.
24) Do you think you belong in hell? Why or why not?
I too don’t believe in a traditional hell. Perhaps there are multiple murderers that belong in a unique stasis…Hitler and Stalin for example.  No Hell for me.  I’ve replaced my self-centered life with a far, far better one.  My 43 dissolute years hurt a great many people, and I am truly sorry.  All I can do now is stay out of jail and live as example.  Love, service to others…that’s it.
25) Is perfection a good goal?
Nope.  Acceptance is a good goal.  If you work at a project to the best of your ability, all you can do in the end is accept the result.  With a smile. 
26) Describe your family?
Two wonderful first cousins.  Two daughters that I miss a closeness with…and we were never close.  I was an awful mother.  These two dear ladies have had a gaggle of children with some wonderful talents.  Fourteen grandchildren many with the family disease.  I live with delightful George…who prefers being alone.  He fights this, and I am very grateful.
27) Do you think it’s wrong to use animals as attractions and accessories?
Yes, I realize the good they do as companions for those who have many limitations such as blindness or with PTSD or even deafness.  Frankly, I don’t want to see them accompanying their person in the meat section, in the food isles, in my local drug stores.  Nope, I don’t like to see them draped around necks in the banana section.  Many folks now are getting fake “service dog” permits on line, and that really bothers me.
28) Do you think people should revolt if the government is corrupt?
We tried during the Nixon years, and nothing happened.  If I feel this new government is out of line, I’ll protest too.
29) If you were stranded, would you be able to take care of yourself?
By the side of the road, I would call AAA.  If my train fell off the tracks, I could phone home.  I always wanted to be ET.
30) What would you be the god/goddess of?
31) If you could start a new life in a new world, would you?
I am in that new world now.  Thank you.  I’ve been here 32 years…and there’s always something new going on.

32) What motivates you best?
Don’t laugh…anything that creates passion.  Color.  Love…I can do anything with love.

33) Is it important to work for the greater good of the world?
I’ve shrunk down with my philosophies, my dreams.  I work locally, such as being a volunteer at the Discovery Shop here.  I know my efforts are affecting more than just my neighborhood, but it’s a very satisfactory way to give back.
34) Would you kill your closest friend to save them from a worse fate?
What worse fate?  This is a truly dumb question.
35) Does listening to other people’s problems help you or weigh you down?
Help. I feel as if I am giving a gift with my listening.  Often I empathize have been in a similar position.
36) How much do you judge others on physical appearance?
I used to do that…I see what you present, and just that.  Now that I work with a large group of older ladies, my thinking has changed.
37) Are you romantic?
Yes, I love often with irrational enthusiasms.  I cry at movies.  I weep over a good book.  And it’s ok now when it used to be an embarrasment.
38) What’s your best physical feature?
Nothing much now. 
39) What is your most important possession?
George.  If everything burned, I would try to save my grandmother’s tall clock and the hard drive for my backup computer.
40) Have you ever done anything ridiculous for love? What?
A lot…all very embarrassing. 
41) Do you value uniqueness?
It is what makes us and what we do special.
42) Would you be willing to be in a relationship with someone who is very dominant?
Not at all.
43) Is there anything you feel guilty about right now? What?
The unfinished quilt.  There it sits mired in the middle of a mathematical war.  I am having problems finishing the bottom border of weeds because they were cut the wrong size.  Lots of guilt.
44) Do you believe something has value simply because it’s beautiful?
Yes, even something without any spirituality had value.
45) How consistent are your feelings about people close to you?
Usually constant.  Lately, the power of emotion is getting in the way of any kindness I have.  Hopefully I will get better.

46) If you died now, what would you want to happen to your possessions?
I used to worry about it.  I wanted gramma Maudies things to be cared for.  Now I just hope that my kids care.  G’s things?  They can go to his family.


  1. It's been a good idea. I probably wouldn't do it, but I might do parts if I were stuck for blog topics.

  2. Interesting answers. And some dumb questions.

  3. I have enjoyed these posts. Isn't it interesting that the older we get the less some of us value things?

  4. Interesting. We have quite a lot in common.

  5. interesting to read! I've been known to throw a 'five questions' post out there once in a while.

  6. I enjoyed your answers and some of them I laughed in agreement ("This is a truly dumb question." hahahah!)
    and, beautiful photo, Mage! xoxoxo c!


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