November 15, 2016

Soul Satisfying

I’m skipping Latkes this holiday season.  I love latkes.  They melt in the mouth and bring generations of memories home to you.  But I’m not supposed to eat those wonderful carbs, so I will share them with you instead. 

Dr. Harriette Schapiro, my SDSU Biology teacher,  gave me her mother’s recipe.   She just rinsed then sautéed ‘til brown.  If you want to do it differently, please do.:

Estelle Schapiro’s Latke’s

7 Potatoes – grate and rinse
½ Onion – grate
5 Eggs
½ Cup Matzo Meal
2 Teaspoons Baking Powder
1 grind Pepper
½ Teaspoon Salt
Oil – ¼ inch heated to medium.  (Sizzle not spatter.)

Put one big spoonful in the hot oil and press flat.  Cook until golden, turn.  Serve with apple sauce and sour cream.’


  1. Ahhh, made me hungry but I'm too lazy this morning to cook anything. Saved by inertia.

  2. Haven't had one in decades, but I remember how delicious they were.

  3. One of my absolute favorite places to eat in San Diego was the Jewish Deli out off I-8 and for the life of me I can't bring the name to mind right now. There's a Marie Callendar's and a Denny's next to it. Parking is an utter nightmare most of the time, but so worth the effort. I ate my first Matzo Ball Soup there and it was mouthwatering good. They have a satellite diner in La Jolla Village Square... dang it all... In my catering class we had an elderly Jewish woman who worked as a cook for another Jewish eatery in Mission Valley (again, the name escapes me). She gave me her recipe for Kolache and brought in all sorts of yummy stuff from time to time. Larger than life and lots of fun. I miss those people...

    1. DZ Akins. :)
      Please don't unsub yourself from Facebook. Just unsubscribe those folks that irritate you. We would miss you terribly.


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