December 13, 2016

Bits, Bobs, Smalls, and Smiles

Duck’s Tree.

·       Party season is here.  Last week was his office party.  This week the Auto Museum is having their party – with gift exchange, and the following day is our desert party.  I’m becoming inured to folks deciding not to come after saying they would.
·       Only two Christmas cards have arrived.  It shocked me a bit at first.  Even the card isle at Target…which used to be two sided plus a little, is now only half of one side.  Last year, I sent a few cards, put a picture here, at my other blog, and on Facebook.  That was it.  Same thing this year.  G doesn’t send cards.  He isn’t bah-humbug, he just doesn’t think socially.
·       Lots of cruise ships in port lately.  Regular visits by the mega ships, but Friday there was a really tiny ship.  The Sirena, almost yacht like in size, surprised me.  I follow Peter Knego’s Cruise reportage regularly.  He tells us of all those small river ships I long to take but can’t afford.  Now here was a tiny ship I’d never heard of before.
·       Grumpy has his Christmas Wreath…thank you George for zip tying it on.
·       Still coughing, but my voice returneth.
·       I put signs up at work for the Thursday work crew to NOT shelve books.  PLEASE.  And I put a sign on the broken shelf.  I just don’t want books to fall on customers….please.
·       George is into most of his old clothes.  I am in to all my old pants.  Some of my shirts are a bit tight tho.  Maybe we both need to do upper body exercise…middle body exercise? 
 '     Ate a terribly unhealthy lunch with M&M's....did I say that.
'      Rearranged the whole living room with G's help only for the sofa.  Like it better.
·       Did I say it…life is good right now.  That isn’t small at all.


  1. Glad your voice is back. We must talk when we are together!

    1. We will have two chances this week. :)

  2. I would like to get David to take a river cruise, but he's dug in. Duck's tree looks a lot like my little tree. I'm into teeny tiny trees.

  3. That is huge, Mage! I am happy for you!

  4. geez, commented as my older grandson (I was ordering his Wonder Con ticket.) Sorry. ;)

  5. Cute little tree. I'm into tiny trees too. Probably tinier by next year.

  6. We have a much smaller tree this year. I did just a bit of decorating, but we do not have parties, so no need for that. Going out with our neighbors tonight to celebrate the season at a restaurant. Except for the kiddos that is about it.


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