December 11, 2016


Zoe, George, and Mage outside the Balboa Theater just before the show opened.  She can easily talk with amazing talent.

  • Himself:
  •   Friday night:  We enjoyed the office party two hours up the coast.  A good chance to network and talk to the bosses.  G is now working vastly longer hours now as a new client is sending in many, many new jobs.  He’s ok with it all, but I worry.  Saturday:  Costco, work, museum, and out to dinner with Margot and Zoe.  He loved the show last night.
  • Herself:  Friday night:  I too was able to talk Datsun SPL 311’s with one car guy at the office party.  Great Deserts.  Saturday:  Costco stuff, tidy house, mending, and off to Piza Nova and the Gay Men’s Chorus’s holiday show “Jingle.”  Flat out fun stuff.  Zoe was a little cranky with dinner and the balcony height which made me a little cranky.
  • Reading:  Between books.
  • Gratitudes:  Everything at the moment.  Just everything.


    1. Regular life routine can be so wonderful! Much to be grateful for...

    2. Awww... That's such a lovely photo of the three of you!

    3. what a great photo...and more work is better than not enough! ;)

    4. You are both so very busy. Have a good week and take naps!


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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