December 1, 2016

World AIDS Day 2016

...never forget.

Telling the story about how Dotty made this Panel for the AIDS Quilt.

There were several small pieces of muslin that AIDS Walk participants had signed.  They hung around for years, and no one did anything with them.  Dottie cut around the well wishes and Put them on 12 inch blocks.  She then made matching 12 inch heart blocks.  I put the sashing around the edges, and the sturdy canvass.  George installed the grommets so this panel could be joined to others.

This is the finished panel.


  • Himself:  Still long Hours.
  • Herself:  I just had to post something on World AIDS Day.
  • Reading:  One of the last Mayors.

  • Gratitudes:  George today.

    1. Beautiful work.

      PS, re Humboldt book, you will love the last chapters which deal with affect on architecture, especially, the art deco movement.

    2. I remember your question about the photos. If I do some more, i will try to remember to present the steps or before and after.

    3. I will always remember that sweet Ryan White who was not given the chance to become the great adult he could have been.

    4. So amazing. I am so proud of you! I saw the quilt many years ago spread out across the Metrodome in Minneapolis. Thousands of pieces. It was stunning. I cried the entire time.

      1. I still cry every time I see a panel I made or come across the name of a friend. It all still shocks me.

    5. That is so beautiful. I came home to Hawaii for our 10th high school reunion a long time ago and a dear friend of mine insisted we take a Polaroid photo together. I hadn't seen him in a while. He gave me the photo to remember him by. I thought he looked thin, but about six months later, he'd passed away from AIDS. So very, very sad.


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