January 20, 2017


I try to catch Tabor’sentries quickly everyday to grab a flavor for the day...along with others.   Today she enticed me with a suggestion with a “Words for Wednesday” from Grannie.  What’s this you ask?

Grannie writes, “It is to challenge you with random words to create a story or poem.  If you choose to participate, add your story in the comment section or, if you post on your own blog, let us know where to find what you have written in the comment section.

So using these words…

Honest, worth, another, parallel, fan, intention


Blue, electricity, cash, outrage, potential, memory:

So I joined in with my bit of doggerel.  Tabor’s poem is better with more meaning, and she uses more of the second batch of words than I.  Spurred on by my dormant imagination, I produced a small few words to go with the inauguration for words for Wednesdays.

There are no honest parallels to
real life
in the modern politics of outrage
there is no worth in words to
fan intentions
as they lack potential in
another future.


  1. I think you passed your homework assignment. :)

  2. Well,that was fun! And your praise has me blushing which at my age is good for the circulation.


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