February 4, 2017


In my search for interesting by quiet moments, I found this image taken by the bay. The Virgo Leader is to the left and the Oosterdam is to the right. San Diego's Star of India, the last iron hulled sailing ship, is docked in between.

Just a pause.  The water is lapping quietly against the wall.  The sun is heading toward the sea, but the air is still warm.


  • Himself:  Had a good day yesterday.  Today pick up books for the convention, lunch work at the Auto Museum.

  • Herself:  Follow G, find my teeth which I left on the seat of the car while I brushed, backup 2016, and eat out with G tonight.  (Found teeth in parking lot smashed flat.)

  • Reading:  More mysteries.

  • Gratitudes:  Glad my missing plate is keeping me humble.


    1. Love seeing a clear sky. I'm reading Anne Perry's WW1 novels. Lately, I seem to lose everything that is not attached to me :-).

    2. Oh dear. I would go crazy without teeth. So sorry and hope they were insured! The stories those ships and boats could tell...all very different in class.

      1. Two teeth, and the loss is keeping me grounded. LOL

    3. Love the pic but sorry to hear about the teeth. Having a car run over them is literally.. having too much on your plate. ;)

    4. Ahhhhh.... so sorry about your teeth. What a horrible thing to have happen to you. Hope you can get them replaced soon and without too much expense. Hugs...


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