February 21, 2017


·       I’m settling down for the long haul in my favorite chair.  Yes, it needs washing.  Yes, the sofa and Morris chair could do with some soap and water too.  They aren’t getting it quite yet.  One more day at work.
·       Diane:  Her daughter writes in Diane’s blog SCHMIDLEY'SSCRIBBLINGS: “I read all your posts to Mom yesterday at the hospital. Although she cannot speak yet, I saw a tear coming from the corner of her eye. This morning she was put back in ICU for atrial fibrillation of her heart, which may have also caused the stroke. She is stabilized and will be moved back to the Acute Stroke Unit. I reminded her that many people are praying for her, and she squeezed my hand tightly. The stroke affected the part of her brain that controls alertness as well as sleep cycles, so we are waiting for her brain to heal enough so that she is more alert and can begin therapies. It is slow progress, but hopefully there will be some changes in this next week. I will keep checking back here and posting. Love to you all -Connie (Dianne’s daughter.”
·       My friend Robert is doing fractionally better too after the removal of a kidney.  His wife Carol keeps us updated on her blog Tehachap

·       I know you haven’t forgotten Hattie.  She like Diane reads and pokes us to open our minds.  She's beginning treatments for lunch cancer tomorrow, and my thoughts and prayers are with  her.

Everyone is getting worn, I think.
·       Me: Last time at the pool this morning.  Cat scan of my sinuses after lunch.  Once I get both wrappings off, I will be right back in the pool at seven every morning.  I do think I will cut back on the Discovery Shop work a bit once I get hand strength back.  I post to their Facebook page 7 days a week, I do the receipts 3 days, I sort one day and do books another.  Instead, I think I really want to go back to my writing class.  I wonder if they would let me come back to work just one day a week just for the books?  Don't forget, I won't be able to type for a while.
·       George is going back to eight hours a day with one hour for lunch.  Heaven.  


  1. Good thoughts headed your way during your surgery, Mage.

    Prayers for Diane and David as they face these challenges at this time. I pray Diane's spirit and determination get her through this health crisis. I think of her often!

  2. Sounds like you're well-organized for your after-surgery recovery so should have a good mind-set going through the procedure and afterward. Will be sending positive thoughts your way.

  3. Aren't you a volunteer for the Discovery Store? As such, you get to call the tune.

  4. The store would be nuts not to accommodate you! Sending thoughts of good healing your way. Dianne as well. Been a rough winter.


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