March 25, 2017


Dianne lunching at the Prado, 2016.

Our friend and fellow blogger, Diane, will be much missed.


  1. Beautiful photos, Mage. So sorry for the loss of your friend!

  2. I'm glad you and Dianne got to meet in 3D. Thank you for sharing the photos. I know we share the sadness.

  3. My condolences on the loss of your friend.

  4. Oh no....oh no...
    I thought she was getting better. This is so sad. Art also just lost two friends this month. This is not a good time.
    This is so very sad.

  5. So sorry. This is the time we must stand strong as we lose those we love around us.

    1. Yes, yes....there are other bloggers here in terrible trouble too. The ones who won't do anything for themselves worry me the most. I bring care packages, and I don't make suggestions. Hugs to you too.

  6. Goodness... this is such a sad time in our lives. I barely got to know her before she was gone. I've added her soul to my nightly prayers. Mage, take care of you and George, and know that I care about you.

  7. So sorry Mage. Glad you had that visit with Dianne and got great photos that you shared.

  8. Appreciate your sharing these photos -- enjoy viewing a blogger with whom I had come to enjoy interacting. Delighted in her writing.


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