March 15, 2017


And now I have a cold.  I won’t tell you all the things I’m thinking.  They are a little too blue….or black.  I doze at my computer until woken up to go back to bed.  I sleep till noon, eat, then I go back to sleep again.

I’m not miserable as some colds can make you, I’m just sleepy.  Then I cough all night…did I say that.  I read you all, I answer an email here or there, and I sleep.  I don’t think my immune system likes working the greeting line at the Sunday Meeting.


  1. Sorry about the cold and I don't think the post-daylight savings time drag helps anything either. Snooze on. Feel better soon.

  2. Take care, Mage. When you feel tired like that, just go with it like you are doing. Feel better soon.

  3. Chicken soup my dear....good for what ails you.

  4. You need to stay away from crowds or be like Doc Martin and use wipes all the time. Or like Monk. So sorry. I am grand sitting this week and one has just gotten over a week of flu, Mom is catching a plane tomorrow and fighting a mild case of the flu and the youngest came home from school with a fever of 102. I am so hoping I stay well!

    1. You are a very brave person. You are in a hotb ed of disease, and you will be a winner.

  5. Well, that's a heck of a note after all you've been through. Sleep -- your body probably needs it -- course problem sleeping at night mixes things up. Hope you're over this soon. Lovely couple in your photo here!

  6. Two and a half weeks of sleeping, lacking any energy, aching and eating chicken soup. I feel better now finally. So sleep, stay quiet and eat chicken soup. Sorry you got it.

  7. I;ve also had a clod for a week, but sleep is the same as ever -- sparse.

  8. Oh ouch, Mage! I sure hope you feel better real soon. That's a drag.


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